Still my job

Meet Kate. The most powerful woman in town. She is an inspiration to many young girls because Kate displays the fact that women can do anything a man can. However, if they knew the whole story she may not be such a hero.
Kate was once Ian who worked for a law firm. Ian worked hard and was dedicated to his job. The firm signed Ian on to a long contract however later on with still several years left on his contract Ian was asked to resign. Ian stubbornly refused. The firm simply didn’t want him so they decided to try and break his will. They called in a local wizard who changed Ian into a woman. Ian suddenly looked more like a whore than a lawyer with long blonde hair and healthy breasts she was quite attractive to the male eye. The bosses at the firm we’re shocked when Ian defiantly showed up the next day in women’s clothing and announced her self as Kate. Soon Kate had many successes and bought the firm and is now the most successful businesswoman in the town.
It is bizarre that Kate adjusted so well. She instantly relished her new gender and always appeared at work in short skirts, heels and never minded to show some cleavage. Many say Kate slept her way to the top but Kate would say she earned her position fair and square.


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