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Who Sean was Always Meant to Be

Sean was not your typical young man. Yes, he appeared to be just another ordinary young office worker in his twenties, just out of college. But secretly, the young man was someone else. In his heart, he had always been a beautiful woman. He had often thought to himself how different things would have been if he’d just been born a woman, how wonderful life would have been if he hadn’t been born with two X chromosomes instead of that stupid Y, but knew that he could never do anything about it. Sean was too scared of surgery, or of truly expressing who he was to his friends and family. So he maintained this masculine exterior, pretending that he was content with his life as it was, but he wasn’t.
it was late, and Sean had just been through a long and stressful day at work. He had been forced to stay after hours and finish off some work, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Sean’s roommate, Drew, had discovered his secret! Drew had been on Sean’s laptop and discovered all of his captions, his videos, his fiction, everything! He had left Sean a stupid, degrading wall of text messages, and Sean wasn’t sure what to do, so he just stayed in the shelter of his office, not wanting to go home and face his roommate.
Sean was just browsing, bored and with nothing to do but sulk, until he came across that webpage. The title read: “Become a God!” and Sean had clicked it, curious as to what it was talking about. he was never really that religious, but had been interested in the New Age religions that had sprung up over the last decade, and felt that he needed some guidance as to what he should do now that his life was over, at least in terms of his friends and family. The website’s description said:
“Hello and welcome to ‘Become a God!’, the program that allows you to bend the walls of reality to your will. Our software is scattered across the various internets of the multiverse, and we have determined that you are worthy of having your deepest desires be fulfilled. Write whatever you want to happen in the box below, and your reality will be changed to accompany your wishes, new God/Goddess!
Hekate, Reality 630.”
Sean looked at it smugly. No way this was real, he thought to himself smugly, but decided to input a command anyway.
“Drew does not know about my secret.”
And he pressed enter.
Suddenly, his phone buzzed, and he turned it on to see a text from Drew. “Hey, man, wanna catch a movie later?”
“What the fuck…” Sean managed, dumbfounded, seeing that the angry texts that Drew had sent were all gone. “This has to be some kind of joke!” Sean said, staring at the phone with shock. He rushed to it again, and decided to wish for what his heart truly desired.
“I am the beautiful woman who I was always meant to be.”
He pressed enter again.
Everything changed, and in seconds, Sean was a beautiful redhead, built to be a model or a pornstar, with the kind of figure and features that men would go mad over.
“Holy shit!” Sean said, with amazement and a sense of happiness, “Its real! Its really real!”
Sean smiled, looking at his new body and its reflection with his phone. “Guess Sean doesn’t really suit me anymore. Oh well, Sharon sounds nice.”
Sharon grabbed her tits, feeling pleasure, and her hands wandered down towards her pussy.
“Oh yes! Oh God yes!” She moaned, pleasure encompassing her body.
After her first orgasm was complete, Sharon sighed, but knew that it wouldn’t be able to compete with the real thing. Sharon had a couple of ideas for what she wanted to happen next. She hurriedly typed something up on the website.
“Drew is here, giving me a facial.”
Suddenly, a naked Drew was in front of her, cock fully erect, while he was jerking off.
Sharon opened her mouth, and tasted the cum as it flew at her with enjoyment.
“Wha-?” Drew managed, unaware of how he got there in the first place.
“Shhh… you know what happens now, baby…”
Drew would fuck her, but Sharon had a few more ideas as to what would happen to Drew. He had been a dick, and hurt her feelings so much. So, for being such an evil dick, maybe she would have to remove Drew’s dick as well…

An unexpected present

It was christmas eve and Michael sadly turned on the tv. He took a beer from the fridge and sat down on the sofa. He sighed, he was alone with no one to go to on this special evening all because Suzanne, his wife, unexpectedly had to go to work on this evening. He hadn’t complained, because he knew that that wouldn’t help, if her boss said that she had to work she would have to. He sighed again: “If I could only help her to finish her work so she could come home early…” At the exact moment these words were spoken a little christmaself came by and heard Michael’s desperate wish. With the powers Santa gave him, he granted the wish. Michael suddenly blacked out and when he woke up again it was in a familiar body though not in his own. He was in the body of Suzanne! And she/he was right in the middle of giving a blowjob to Mr. Malorian. He couldn’t believe it, the fact that he had just been put in the body of his (apparently) cheating wife and the fact that she had been lying to him the whole time. He let out a little cry, wich Mr. Malorian seemed to find quite exciting as he unexpectedly came in Michael’s mouth and on his face. At least his wish succeeded, he had finished her work early… This was just not the kind of work he had meant…

Joseph A. Skank

Henry went into the suit shop, but instead of going to his favorite discount suit store, he went to a nearby one at the mall, one called Joseph A. Skank. He thought it was some kind of joke or play on his favorite store’s name, so he thought why not see what was there. It turns out it was suits sold at even steeper discounts than his favorite store, but a strange old man in a bathrobe was selling them. He said the suit would fit so well it would be like it retailored your body to the suit. Read more

Backfiring 2

When I opened up my eyes again against a bright light something felt wrong.
Then I heard it: “How are you doing, Miss Roth?” That voice was eerily familiar.
My eyes adjusted and I saw myself hovering above me. Read more

Backfiring 1

As an intermediate office manager I felt like I had my own kingdom to administer. The higher ups didn´t really care about me, all they wanted was the results and if it satisfied them they would let me be.
Every now and then I do an inspection walk around the offices on the different floors, today I had chosen floor 39 at the cosmetics section. I had heard rumors that some real fine women worked there. Read more

Still my job

Meet Kate. The most powerful woman in town. She is an inspiration to many young girls because Kate displays the fact that women can do anything a man can. However, if they knew the whole story she may not be such a hero.
Kate was once Ian who worked for a law firm. Ian worked hard and was dedicated to his job. The firm signed Ian on to a long contract however later on with still several years left on his contract Ian was asked to resign. Ian stubbornly refused. The firm simply didn’t want him so they decided to try and break his will. They called in a local wizard who changed Ian into a woman. Ian suddenly looked more like a whore than a lawyer with long blonde hair and healthy breasts she was quite attractive to the male eye. The bosses at the firm we’re shocked when Ian defiantly showed up the next day in women’s clothing and announced her self as Kate. Soon Kate had many successes and bought the firm and is now the most successful businesswoman in the town.
It is bizarre that Kate adjusted so well. She instantly relished her new gender and always appeared at work in short skirts, heels and never minded to show some cleavage. Many say Kate slept her way to the top but Kate would say she earned her position fair and square.


One of the first things I learned about Julie was that she has a hyper-powered libido. While we were dating, it thrilled me. She’s super-hot, and we were having sex all the time in all sorts of places and positions. It was so exciting that I couldn’t help to propose to the woman out of sheer lust-fueled adoration. But now that we are bound by eternal matrimony, I can’t help feeling paranoid about her insatiable need for sex.
I’ve been especially concerned about the office where Julie works. She’s the only woman in a department full of intelligent, strong, handsome, and ambitious men. No straight male could ever resist a woman as hot as my wife. And knowing how much my wife craved sex, how could she resist such an alluring opportunities that surrounded her all day long? Of course, whenever I confronted Julie about it, she would deny any impropriety, instead asking why I was so obsessed with the men in her office. We were still having plenty of sex, so there was no reason I should have been concerned, but I couldn’t help my paranoia. Months of anguished wondering finally drove me to desperate measures.
After a few mishaps in college, I had given up all magical endeavors, but I dusted off my spell book to get to the bottom of my concerns. One simple possession spell, and I was able to experience a day in my wife’s fashionable high heels.
It was a bit weird at first, being in my Julie’s body. I had never possessed a woman before. It was challenging enough to figure out the complexities of a bra or pantyhose, but there was the added challenge of becoming accustomed to new anatomy. Having breasts is so much more complicated and distracting than I ever could have imagined, especially when their as sensitive as Julie’s. I get a little thrill of arousal just adjusting my bra. And arousal is another thing that’s VERY different. Instead of focused pleasure asserting itself in my groin, the warmth that starts between my legs soon spreads, tingling in every nerve of my body. It’s gotten more and more intense all day, and it gets worse every time I catch a whiff of someone’s cologne or hear the rough timber of a man’s deep voice. In my wife’s smaller body, they all seem even more powerful and attractive. I can just imagine how good it would feel to have their strong hand squeezing and caressing this sensitive body. I can feel moisture gushing in my Julie’s pussy just thinking about it. It’s so distracting!
Obviously someone with a sex drive as intense as Julie’s can’t help getting turned on in an office like this. After six hours, even the plainer looking guys seem like they would be fun to play around with. The only trouble is, none of them have approached me all day. There hasn’t been the slightest flirtation or hint of familiarity, not even a subtle hint at any sort of sexual misconduct. It’s so unthinkable that I even started putting myself out there. I loosened the buttons on my blouse (I mean, my wife’s blouse), I dropped things intentionally so that I could bend over and stick my ass in the air as I picked them up, and I even followed guys into the supply closet, squeezing around them so that my juicy tits would press up against their hard bodies.
Still nothing. Maybe Julie has been telling me the truth all this time and she’s really not having an affair with anyone. But with all of my messing around, I’ve gotten her body insanely worked up. I just have to make it a couple more hours until the workday is done and I can go home to break the spell, but I’m so horny that if I stay in this body much longer, I may do something unthinkable. I know I want to be faithful to Julie, but if I am Julie… No, this is crazy. I just can’t think right. Maybe if I play with myself a little, I can take the edge off and clear my head. Oh god it feels good to touch myself. And it’s even hotter to do it with all these men so close. I wonder how many times I can orgasm before 5:00. Or maybe someone will notice and finally offer to drive his cock up my pussy give me a good fucking. Mmmmm yes. That’s just what I need . . .


Hello, my friend… one hour ago you were the CEO of the company… you were a big bastard, you knew that I was going to work to another company with a higher salary, you knew that I was going to work to another company with a higher salary… I lost my new job … Read more

The birthday party

My friend Amy hated having her birthday celebrated at her office. “All the men want to hug me and kiss me” she said, “and I hate that! please please, go instead of me!” A few years ago we found a spellbook that would allow us to exchange bodies for a day. Exactly 24 hours later we would be back to our own bodies. Read more