Spring break change

Aaron and Mark went down to the bay for spring break. Like most guys in their early twenties, their motivation wasn’t swimming or soaking up the sun, but getting laid. They went to Aaron’s uncle’s little cabin on the bay and weren’t disappointed, it wasn’t far from a very popular beach. When they weren’t out flirting with chicks, they’d set up a telescope so they could keep a close eye on what they might be missing.

Across the bay they spotted some girls in a cabin, much like theirs. What was noticable though, was that these girls left their bikini’s on a clothes line to dry. Aaron had the idea to steal a couple of them, then say they found them and had noticed them on the girls before and were returning them. It sounded like a great plan, until Aaron and Mark got there, and while trying sneak in and grab some bikinis, heard the cabin door open. They snatched two quickly and ran but then froze as someone shouted at them.

Terrified that they couldn’t move, a woman walked into their field of view and just scowled at them. She told them if they wanted bikinis so bad, they could have them. Hey eyes lit up and suddenly everything went white.

Aaron to slowly, vision returning and realizing they were staring up at the sun. The world was trembling and he realized he was floating on something. Then he turned his head and saw a girl in a patterned bikini laying next to him on the raft. He smiled, not sure what was going on. The bikini looked familiar. The girl’s eyes opened and turned to look at him and also smiled.

“Hey there-” Aaron paused. His voice was wrong. Very wrong.

“What’s-” The girl said and similarly paused.

Aaron looked down and gasped, seeing boobs suspended in the same black bikini he’d had in his hands moments ago.

“Oh my god!” HE said quietly and heard the other girl say the same as she looked down. In unison then both reached down and pulled aside the bottoms of their bikinis, revealing that they were both girls now.

They quickly confirmed that they were both Mark and Aaron, and looked around and realized they were back at the dock near Aaron’s uncle’s place. They ran inside and found that all their clothes had changed. They found their ID’s and saw that they were Erin and Marcy now. A few phone calls confirmed that no one but the two of them remembered Aaron and Mark. Across the lake the cabin with the girls they’d been spying on seemed to have vanished entirely.

Not knowing what else to do, they spent a couple days wandering around looking for those girls. A lot of guys flirted with them while they searched, and though neither of them admitted it, they both actually kind of liked it.

In the end they both would end up getting laid during spring break. A lot.

They still go back to the bay every spring break with pretty much the same goals in mind every year. Looking for girls, particularly the girls who transformed them, and looking to get laid.


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