Andi’s Exciting Morning Part 3

I rolled over in my bed, my huge tits flopping on top of each other as I shifted to my side. I tried to look over them to get a look at my belly, but I could only just barely see the top of it. I reached an arm around, and rubbed my hand over my belly. Everything was going perfectly according to my plan. I had unbirthed my sister, Molly, and now I just had to wait for her to be born. Once she got old enough, I’d use another spell to absorb her breasts, and then repeat the process. Now I wouldn’t have to go looking for more tits to absorb.
I sat up with some struggle, parting my boobs so I could talk to my belly. “How does that sound to you, little sis?” I asked rhetorically, laughing. “That’s what I thought.” I looked down at my body for another few moments, enjoying the sight of my huge belly between my even more massive jugs. Finally though I swung my legs over the side of my bed, and slowly stood up. I waddled over to my mirror to get an even better view of the body Molly’s spell book had given me.
My large pregnant belly dominated my gaze for a moment. I was so glad the spell hadn’t regressed her too far back: I didn’t want to have to carry her for all nine months! I was sure she was ready to pop any day now.
Shifting my eyes down slightly, I spun around to get a better view of the ass I had taken from Molly. “Look of the bright side, sis,” I said, rubbing my hand up my enormous backside. “You won’t have to be a pear any more. Ha-ha-ha!”
Enough admiring myself. I managed to tear myself away from my mirror and wobbled over to my bedroom door. I opened it, startling Hanna and Cari, who had been leaving her room across the hall.
“Morning girls,” I said, reveling in their jealous, and slightly frightened, expressions. Cari stepped behind Hanna.
“Morning,” they both said timidly as I strode past them, my tits jiggling fiercely as I did so, almost bragging for me.
I proceeded down the stairs. Not being able to see them had been a struggle, but I had started getting the hang of it. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw my mother in the living room. She turned, and as I had come to expect she looked like she was about to scold me, but upon seeing me she thought better of it, and just let out a meek “Morning.”
I just walked past her into the kitchen. Eating for two had been keeping up my appetite. I reached up into the cupboard, when suddenly.
“Ooh!” I grunted, feeling a cramp in my stomach. Another one followed shortly. Then another.
Molly was ready to leave…


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