Pay Up

“Damn, I’m cute.” Jim was shocked to hear his little girl say. “I bet I’ll have to beat the boys off with a stick. Though I might just let them have some fun” That last comment almost made Jim drop. “Sarah what in the world has gotten into you? I will not have my daughter speak like that! Especially what you just said!” Sarah looked at her father and started laughing. “Sorry “daddy” But Sarah isn’t home. She is taking a little nap right now.” Sarah kept checking herself out. “Then who are you?” Jim asked with a ting of fear in his voice. Sarah stopped checking herself out and began to speak. “Don’t worry about that. What you need to worry about is the money you owe.” Jim began to sweat as Sarah spoke. “You see you owe my boss a lot of money and he wants you to pay up. Until you do I’ll be staying in your little girl here for awhile.” Jim Began to freak out a little but tried to stay cool on the outside. “So what do you plan to do while you are my daughter?” Jim asked dreading the answer. Sarah smiled as she began to answer. “Oh nothing really I’ll just go to school in her place and be a good girl. Though I think me and the boys will be getting along a lot better.” Sarah said with a smile. “Oh and you might want to make that money quick. The boss wants me to report to him in a week, in person. I don’t think the guys will keep their hands of a cute thing like this and to be honest…” She paused as she grabbed her chest and glided her hands on her thigh. “I don’t think I’ll put up much resistance.” Jim eyes opened wide as Sarah began to laugh maniacally in her sweet voice.


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