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Keeping Up with KimKat

After helping Bella Knight into Bella Thorne, I guess I wasn’t too surprised that she quickly was swept up in her newfound fame, although she was still posting quite regularly on Open TG Captions. Not holding anything against the new Miss Thorne and wanting to assist more authors on this site into bodies they wished to have KimKat caught my eye. I enjoyed her captions a lot, just as I do Bella’s and figured another rather insane token of appreciation would be an order. Nothing beats a first impression, am I right? Typing KimKat’s handle into the same website I used for Bella’s body swap, I entered her name and now all I have to do is wait I suppose. Read more

The girl at the party

After the costume party I just couldn’t stop thinking about Kim. She was this cute asian girl I met there. “I think I have a crush” I thought. As I entered my appartment, I just couldn’t stop talking about her. My roommates were kind of upset, “Talk about something else! if you like her so much, why don’t you go live with her”. Read more


My friends John and James were always talking about lesbians. How hot they were, how much of a turn on was to see them make out. I do find them hot, but I would rather talk about straight girls, you know, girls I can date. I don’t know how I had forgotten about it, but one day, while cleaning my room I found my old notebook. “Oh, the adventures I used to have with it” I said to myself. Read more

Missing friend

I had been looking for my friend Kim. She had been missing for weeks. I asked her family, her friends, but no one seemed to know where she was, and strangely enough, it was like they didn’t care. She was impossible to find, it was like she had just vanished. Read more