Spice It Up

Molly had wanted to spice our sex life up a bit. Whenever she got in these kind of moods I always felt kind of uneasy, especially seeing as I knew full well she knew magic. Last time…..I don’t talk about what happened last time she’d gotten in one of these moods. Let’s just say that i took a lot of cleanup and leave it at that.

I’d made the mistake of taking a nap and when I woke up I noticed things were very different. Just for starters, of course, I was naked. Also, Molly was naked. Also, I was a blonde chick. Also, my tits were—-Molly suddenly lunged forwards and began licking me out, pushing my legs away. I started thrashing, already beginning to orgasm. This was one way to spice it up, but I’d wished it wasn’t quite so….wet.


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