I always am willing to try new things…My wife has always had a lesbian fantasy but wasn’t going to fulfill it because she didn’t want to cheat on me. One day got home from work and she was all giddy with delight. “Why are you so happy?” I asked. She said that they have developed a serum that can swap your gender. I went “Wow”. I knew what she was wanting to do… I told her that if it was safe, that we would try it. The next day when I got home , she met me at the door in her favorite pink bra and panties with a pink vial and a pair of white bra and panties for me. “Right now?” I asked. She said “Please please please!!!”” Ok, give me the vial” I said. I drank it down…Tasted like mint julep… I feel tingly all over…I feel my chest beginning to expand…my hair is getting longer…Ooooh, my ass feels funny…. My. Oh my… OMG… Honey!!! What happened??? She said” OMG, you are so beautiful!!!” “Just like I imagined” She said “Here put these on, I’ll help you…” I no sure put them on, when she pulled me up against her and grabbed my ass. Mmmmm, baby don’t stop! My new sex is so wet ! Honey…


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