Chris (31) knew that there was a chemical leak near his house, but he had no idea what type of effect it would have on his life. It all started one day before the leak…

Chris was out getting hammered after a long weeks work at the office, as he does every week. He was never able to get girls back to his place because he had his mother (68) living with him. If she ever caught a one night stander, she’d flip out. But Chris decided that tonight was the night he finally decided to risk it, and he seduced a slightly ditsy girl back to his place. They had sex until 3am and it was fantastic, one of the best nights of Chris’s sex life. He woke up to no girl at his side, but just a simple note saying, “Thank you”. Chris was happy, “I finally did it! I don’t even remember her name haha!”

He proceeded to get his normal morning coffee like he did every morning, but was met by his mother in the kitchen. “Now Chris, you know that is not the proper way to treat women!” she squealed at him, Chris has been hearing this lecture since he turned 21. “That poor girl probably has feelings for you in a way!” Chris sighed… “Ma, she knows last night was it, we didn’t even exchange numbers.”

“Well maybe you should have, or else I wouldn’t have to do this..”

“Do what, ma?” Chris was starting to worry a little bit.

“I have decided it best for me to run your love life for you, I want grandchildren soon and you aren’t coming through quick enough. I am taking manners into my own hands.” She started to gather a candle, a book, one of Chris’s shirts, and one of her dresses.

“What are you doing?” Chris saw her light the candle and place the two articles of clothing next to it, then proceed to read something from the book. He felt dizzy, he felt different, he felt sleepy… Chris passed out.

When he awoke he looked down to see the body of his mother, in the dress he saw next to the candle. There was a note, it said, “I will see you soon, honey. I will fix your life” He starred to freak out and come to grips with the reality of the situation. He passed out again. This time the news was on when he woke up, they were reporting a chemical leak from his neighbors house. He then realized changes.

He looked into his bathroom sink to see it running with green liquid, he couldn’t resist temptation and he touched the stream. Then he felt his… her… body start to change. His skin became softer, his face young and livelier, his tits more perky and less saggy, his pussy more young and tight, and the wrinkles completely vanish. He looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of a younger version of his mother. The chemical leak made him 25 again, and now a woman; but also his mother. He almost forgot he was his mom, she was sexy and hot. Now all he wanted to do was test everything out.

Chris loved the changes and never wanted to be a man again. He loved female orgasms, he didn’t care about the fact he was in his mothers body, and he found a man to start a family with. Christina loved her new life.


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