I always knew my father in-law hated me, but I never thought he would use magic to get rid of me. Seven months ago, I got my girlfriend Kim pregnant. I knew her father was going to be upset, he was probably going to have me killed or something. One afternoon, we told him about how Kim was pregnant. He didn’t even get a little upset. He even congratulated both of us. It was kind of scary, that wasn’t even close to the reaction we were expecting.

Kim went upstairs to get ready for our date, and I stayed in the living room with James, her father. We talked for a little while “this calls for a little celebration” he said while getting two glasses out and a bottle of champagne. “Sir, but we are going out, I don’t drink and drive” I said pretending to be responsible. “I insist” he said while filling both our glasses. He handed me my glass, raised his “for family” he said. I drank the whole thing without realizing he hadn’t drink any.

“John, I am sorry, but Kim will have to raise her child without you” he said. He poisoned me, was the first thing that came into my mind. I tried to move, but couldn’t. “The potion is changing you, in less than five minutes you will change into a woman. You’ll be a friend to Kim, but that’s it. With the expection of me, no one, not even you, will remember John. It will be as if you have always been Amy Smith, Kim’s best friend.” I could feel my while body and clothes changing. In my mind I kept thinking “I am John, I am John, I am Johny, I am Amy, I am Amy”. When it was all over I thanked Kim’s father for the drink and walked upstairs.

I remembered the whole transformation, but I pretended like I didn’t know anything had happened. Kim was ready for our date. She did remember John, but in her mind he was the bastard that disappeared after getting her pregnant. I hugged and kissed her, and since that day we have been together.

Like I said, that was seven months ago. Now, we make out every single night at her place. Her father isn’t pleased, but I guess he didn’t take in mind two things. First Kim was bisexual, so, it wasn’t hard for me to get her as my lesbian lover, and second, while his potion can alter the mind of the person who drinks it, it won’t erase his mind. He didn’t solve his problems, Kim and I are still a couple; but he perfected my life, I am the perfect lover Kim can have.


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