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At the beach

There I was, walking on the beach, with a tiny pink bikini. It wasn’t my first day pretending to be a girl, but that day, I sure hoped it would be the last. Infront of me were Emily and Amy, my best friends. They were unaware that I wasn’t really a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I have the body of a girl, boobs, pussy, long blonde hair, hour glass figure, and sometimes I even have the mind of a girl. Read more


I always knew my father in-law hated me, but I never thought he would use magic to get rid of me. Seven months ago, I got my girlfriend Kim pregnant. I knew her father was going to be upset, he was probably going to have me killed or something. One afternoon, we told him about how Kim was pregnant. He didn’t even get a little upset. He even congratulated both of us. It was kind of scary, that wasn’t even close to the reaction we were expecting. Read more