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Something is wrong with the neighbor

When Monica came back from work she found her husband John on the couch mumbling to himself “I’m an old black guy, I’m an old black guy”. In their 30 years of marriage she never saw something like this. When she aproached her husband he jumped out of the couch and in complete hysterics begin claiming that he is Alex, the young woman living across the street and that her body was stolen by Monica’s husband. Monica was ready to call for help thinking her husband went crazy but something inside was telling her she should at least check on her neighboors just to make sure her husband didn’t do anything stupid. Read more


“Oh, hey honey. You’re early” Alison nervously said to her husband, Mark as he walked in. Mark was surprised to see his wife at this time of the day. Normally she was at work but now she was here and he caught her in the middle of undressing. Mike looked at his wife giving her a questioning look. “I just took a day off since there was no work at all” Alison smiled at her husband. Read more

Daniel’s Ad

After Daniel (23) was shifted into the body of his sexy teenage neighbor, he did nothing but stay inside and finger his tight pussy. Bringing himself to Earth-shattering orgasms each time was not enough for the former sex-craved man; he needed something else. Read more

Wrong target

“What the hell is this?” Luke almost shouted after catching a glimpse of his body. He had no idea what just happened. He was in his room playing videogames when he started to feel dizzy, the next thing he knew he was in a foregin bathroom and he was a girl. Luke was in shock. Never in his entire life he would even think that the first real vagina he would see will be his own. When he saw his reflection in the mirror he recognized it immediately “No way” Luke said trying to keep his voice down. The person in the mirror was Alice, his neighbor. “Are you all right there?” He heard a woman’s voice at the other side of the door. “I’m fine, just give me a moment” he said hoping her mom will leave him alone. Read more

Neighbor possession

“Awww yeah! That body feels so awesome!”, Chris chirped in his new angelic voice he borrowed from his sexy neighbor Melinda who just turned 26 last week. After he found out about an old spell from his grandmother where he could become a ghost and possess anyone he wanted, he quickly took his chance to get out of his own fat and nerdy body to fly into Melinda here, who’s body he always envied.
The whole new experience of being a girl, the weight of his new black hair up in a bun, the lonely strand tickling his left boob, the feeling of his new female flesh bouncing with every movement on his ribcage, the emptiness between his long and sexy legs, the perfectly rounded ass, even the pearl earrings in his new ears, his new light and well proportioned body with it’s tattoos and nicely done manicure on his new female hands made him shiver with excitement. He felt so energetic, he started to dance with this flexible body of a goddess she had been to him. He covered his fleshy beasts with his left and bit his right little finger as he smiled to his new self as he admired him in Melinda’s mirror.
The thought of being fucked by men who found him attractive, made his new pussy tingle and really wet.
He quickly found some sexy thong, a baby blue low cut top, a really tight dark blue jeans to show of his acquired curves, white high heels and one shiny ring for each hand. To finish his outfit, he put the black necklace with the sparkling diamond he always liked on her, around his neck.
“I look sooo perfect I could fuck myself. Too bad I can’t do that but I can get any man I want to do that for me now. I just hope her body can stand my nerdy sex drive, haha.”, he said to himself looking at her body in the mirror and winked at her, now his, beautiful face while licking his lips with a wicked smile.

Bitchy Neighbor

“Ohhh, this bitch’s husband ist going to love the bigger titties I gave his woman.”, ‘Stephanie’ muttered in her sweet sing song voice her husband loved. Unluckily for her, that 18 year old Adam had possessed her body while she was busy renovating the house she bought with her husband two weeks ago. Their new going to be neighbor Adam found Stefanie’s body quite appealing and tested his possession skills on her. To Stephanie’s misfortune Adam heard her complaining about “all the bitches with bigger beasts than her, which her husband seemed to love”, so he also tried out his newest magic tricks and let her lovely B-cups grow into very large G-cup. She never wanted breasts that big, even though her husband asked her many times to get a breath enlargement.
Now because she didn’t wear a bra that day, and her green-white striped top couldn’t hold boobs that big, he pulled them out as they were getting too large. He immediately began to grope them wildly and as he noticed that her pussy was getting wet and itchy, he pushed her left hand deep into her vagina to scratch that itch. He couldn’t control himself as he began to moan loudly and he didn’t really care that the people outside could hear him. It wasn’t his problem when Stefanie got a bad reputation before she would live here. So he kept on going until her legs began to quiver and her whole sexy body began to tremble as an orgasm was near. He felt like his new body was gonna explode until it felt like a dam was bursting which left him in pure pleasure.
Suddenly he heard ‘his’ husband coming into the house and he quickly shot up again after he sunk down during the joy of the orgasm. He tried to get the juice of his delicate hands, even the engagement ring was full of her juices, which gave him a nice thought. Instead of wiping his hands on her clothes, he licked every finger clean and tasted and smelled the delicious remaining of the orgasm. He couldn’t do anything about the big wet spot on the floor and her wet clothes and that gave him the idea to leave her body so she had to handle this situation on her own. With one thought he was hovering above her body as a ghost. Right in the moment her senses came back, her husband came into the room in which Adam left her half naked in the floor with her sweaty and juice soaked clothes. Her now enormous, because of the enlargement, ruby hard nipples pointed directly at her husband who was staring with animal lust at the beautiful sight in front of him.
Stefanie, who was confused as hell, couldn’t stop her husband from practically raping her while she couldn’t stop wondering what had happened and why her loved B-cup boobies suddenly felt extremely heavy…

Moving to a new town

My family and I moved to a different house and town. I was reluctant to go. I was leaving all my friends, and for the first time ever I was doing great at school. To make matters worse, we had to move one day early, I didn’t even say goodbye to my friends. Read more