Some Forgiveness Must Be Earned Part 5

I knew that I had no choice so I joined Cal in the bedroom and he dropped his pants reveling a huge Cock. I looked at it and in my mind I was revolted but my body wanted it and because of the physical changes in me I was able to kneel in front of Cal and take him in my mouth without throwing up. As I rocked my head and felt him pumping in and out of my mouth I notice how my lips liked it felt like warm velvet stroking my lips. My other senses reacted too he tasted good, and his slightly musky smell seemed exciting so I rock my head faster. I felt my new breasts jiggle as I rocked when I heard him deeply sigh “good girl” it sent a jolt from my breasts to my crouch and a warm empty feeling started up me and I knew then I was completely female.


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