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Picnic Fun With Zappie Part 4

Zapper did not feel the Medallion Zulu in Billie’s palm when she hugged him good bye as his buddies picked him up to go on a training exercise. Billie said ” I have not forgave you for the trick you played on me yesterday baby. But have fun with your buddies.”. Zapper deployed on a roof felt the familiar tingle and his fatigues became very baggie and she saw dainty hands with long nails holding her gun and said ” Billie I said work was off limit how will I explain this?”. Then Zapper thought of Billie’s last words as he left “have fun with your buddies.” OHHHHH SHIIIT” spewed Zapper in a very sexy voice.

Dangers Of Bars Part 2

We got to the my car and we got in the back seat and he told me to strip I could not stop my self. My old self said “now Fuck me and ORGASM OVER AND OVER” I mounted him and felt waves of pleasure drown me till I felt him go limp and I felt his cum flowing out of me. He then said you see I was a disembodied spirit of a Male wizard and you are in the body of a witch that tried to conjure me now she is just a spirit and you are in her body and I am in yours. I said “let me have my body back please” he answered “NO I like you as a woman you are so pliable few I have ever met in a 1000 years react as well as you to my magic. Now drive me to your home.”

Solution To Burn Out

Zapper and I talked about kids and we both agreed that once I get pregnant that I should stay home and be a house wife and a mom. But the next day Zapper lost his job because his boss lied about him and he justifiably punched him out. Read more

Sister gone WILD! Part 5

So all that was last year I thought about Liam some well he was my first they will always be a little special. Megan and I stayed the rest of the week at the beach and Megan really likes me as a sister a lot more than being a brother and I love it. When we got home Megan used her magic on everybody to think mom and dad had 2 girls fraternal twins and no boys and this year they are letting us go to the beach with four of our friends. I am going PARTY !!!!!

Picnic Fun With Zappie Part 6

After our parking lot sex Zappie tried to change back but couldn’t. At the time we could not figure it out. But seeing Zappie in the shower seven months later it is easy to see why she could not change back.

Picnic Fun With Zappie Part 1

My boyfriend Zapper loves kinky sex. He is really turned on if we hook up in different places and he loves it if I take charge and call him “my little bitch” and dom him . So when I found the Medallion Zulu at a yard sale I had a wicked idea. I planned a bike trip where I would leave my bike and Zappie would pull me in the bitch seat. So before our trip I waited outside the dressing room at teen boutique and saw a small very sexy girl hang up a pair of cut offs which I bought. then I went Abercrombie and Finch and got the jeans that a tall ripped hot guy had worn. Read more

Family Problems 2

My sister held up the ring and said “brother you have flaunted being my older brother to long you act so goody while you read your teen magazines and I command you look like the girl that gave you your last hard on.” I looked in the mirror as I became the girl I jerk off to this morning and I threw down the teddy and went for my sister but she stopped me cold because she was so much bigger now. She laughed and said ” you still don’t know whose boss do you little sister?”.

One Night Stand Part 4

It 3 weeks later when I heard a knock on the door and I let her in. She looked at me and said “I see he likes Emo girls with piercings seeing that pink pregnancy test baby bumps too”. I gave her the finger.

Don’t Piss Off Billie Sciling!

MackDude and Billie were making pixel love on Second Life when Mack said I have to go real life is calling. Billie disappointed said “always” but then she had an idea and said “Mack do what you have to do today but you going to have to do it as a girl”. Mack looked down and screamed in her new female voice “NO BILLIE I SAID NO REAL LIFE!!!!!”””.

Some Forgiveness Must Be Earned Part 5

I knew that I had no choice so I joined Cal in the bedroom and he dropped his pants reveling a huge Cock. I looked at it and in my mind I was revolted but my body wanted it and because of the physical changes in me I was able to kneel in front of Cal and take him in my mouth without throwing up. As I rocked my head and felt him pumping in and out of my mouth I notice how my lips liked it felt like warm velvet stroking my lips. My other senses reacted too he tasted good, and his slightly musky smell seemed exciting so I rock my head faster. I felt my new breasts jiggle as I rocked when I heard him deeply sigh “good girl” it sent a jolt from my breasts to my crouch and a warm empty feeling started up me and I knew then I was completely female.