Some Forgiveness Must Be Earned Part 3

Cal came down dressed and sat down where I placed the sandwich and looked over at the maid and said ” Maria, Chai and I and I are going out to a gallery take her up stairs and help her get ready.”. But I said I am not going anywhere till you ” Cal stop me there by saying lets see now your 5’3″ 107LBS 34-25-34 and 34 B” screamed “no please I am going”. Up stairs Maria laid out a strapless bra and high cut panties heels and a red dress. I stripped and noticed that nothing was left of my old self I was small but I definintly a girl even though my sex was still not compete but there was a slit starting to form. After Maria helped me with bra and makeup I raised my arms and she slid the dress on me not to mess my makeup. Maria then brushed out my hair and told me how pretty I was then I picked the heels they were 3 inch stilettos and I put them on and they made me feel taller and my body knew how to walk in them to make my butt pop. Ready I went down stairs and Cal looked me up and down and nodded then Maria handed me “MY!” purse and Cal said “just one thing more” he waved his hand and an engagement with a huge diamond and a wedding ban formed on my hand. Shocked I asked “WHY?” and Cal said ” I don’t have to tell you anything but I will once yu learn your lesson.”.


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