Some Forgiveness Must Be Earned Part 2

I could not believe it Cal cursed me to become more and more girly till I jerked him off in the shower and now I am looking at my self in the mirror and I see a short girl with long blonde hair and perky boobs looking back. At least I don’t have a pussy but my cock is gone what I have looks like a Barbie doll with a patch of hair. Cal then threw me a pink butterfly tee and a pair of girl booty shorts and said ” put this on and go make me a sandwich.” and I answered in a very female voice down to the infliction” like hell”. Cal just smile and said you are 5’6″ and 130LBS your measurements are 36 28 34, a 36 A, lets see what by the time you get my sandwich made have the maid show you were the things are.” I felt my body changing again my butt started filling out the booty shorts and I felt it jiggle and my boobs start to bounce when I found the maid and asked where the sandwich stuff was. the maid led me into the big kitchen and said right here Mrs. Hindes . I ran to the fridge and barely could reach the shelf I had shrank so much and still shrinking. Then it dawned on me I mouthed “Mrs. Hindes, Hindes is Cal’s last name?”


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