My Sister’s Book Club

I was staying at my sister during spring break she was having book club and I ordered a pizza for my self.
As I was waiting for my pizza I heard them talking about a erotic book and I could not help laugh and my sister called out “what is so funny?”. I answered “there is no way that is going to happen some little hottie letting a stud delivery man fuck her brains out then go off and get rich being a hooker”. My sister and her friends asked me to join them from the look on their faces I knew they were pissed then the surprised me. They all joined hands and chanted and then I realized the were a witch coven that formed a book club. I froze and I shrank and pain racked my body and I fell on the floor and passed out for a minute. I woke up with my sister helping to my feet I saw perky tits pushing out from my chest and I had a stripped belly top on and a tee and a skirt with hose and garters. In shock I said “What did you do to me” and my sister giggled and said ‘I always wanted a rich little sister” and at that she moved and I saw a naked pizza boy and he pushed me down on the entertainment center and ripped off my skirt and fucking. My sister hearing girly squeals of pleasure escape my lips as I lost control committed ” like the book said you liked it so much you became a pro”.


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