Some Forgiveness Must Be Earned Part 1

I woke with my roommate standing over me closing the book of “Magic” he bought yesterday ,the book that I tease him about till he got very insulted. Cal my roomy is very for a guy and I could hold it over his head easily and said ” the little girly boy can not get it”. I knew I went too far so when I saw him going to the bathroom I asked him to for give me but he said ” some forgiveness has to be earned and now I have the magic to help you learn that lesson Chad” . Cal standing now naked in the bathroom snapped his fingers and turned into a man that looked like a male porn star tall, muscular, hairy, big cock, and all. Cal then said ” That book of magic is real and I am making some changes” and he snapped his fingers again and our ratty house turned into a mansion. Cal still a naked porn star in the bathroom looked at me and said ” Chad your not only my best friend and I want you to share in all the magical benefits but you the only “family” I have so when you tease me it hurt me very bad so I need to make it impossible for you to call me girly boy again. I can not make you do anything against your free will, my magic can not teach you instantly or change your memories but I can control your body and what you feel”. I looked at Cal a little fearful of what this new Cal was able to do then he said ” Chad you are shrinking and losing you maleness you are so proud of and it will not stop till you make me cum with a hand job.” with that he got in the shower. I sleep naked so I flipped back the cover and I saw my feet were not near the end as usual and I almost fell when I swung out of bed because I was shrinking so fast. I ran to the mirror and I had to pull my growing hair up and put a rubber band on it to see and what I saw was me turning into a girl I ran to the bath room and told Cal ” make it stop” in a all too girly voice and he said “not till you make me cum with a hand job.” . I paused but after seeing nipples growing on my chest and breast forming I jumped in the shower and started working on Cal’s new huge cock and it surpised me how good it felt in my now tiny hands.


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