A new tradition

On the Bikini Beach fidelity, like gender, was a more fluid concept. Every summer since they had been together, Matt and his girlfriend Ella had spent a week there, indulging Ella’s bisexuality and Matt’s curiosity. This year had been going great for the both of them after Matt’s transformation and they had spent hours in their beachfront hotel fucking each other or swimming or sunbathing with the other girls. Matt loved how comfortable he felt around all the beautiful women, like he was part of a giant secret.

One evening after a long day on the beach, Matt packed up and decided to go check on Ella who had been feeling tired and had gone back to the room. As he made his way around the back of the hotel he saw her. His girlfriend was completely naked and fondling a busty brunette on the sun lounger. Matt was shocked. Ella turned her head and locked eyes with him, equally startled. But her look soon softened.

‘This is Abi, darling. Come meet her.’

Matt’s hand slowly dropped from his mouth. He hesitated, then took a step towards the girls. Ella began to kiss Abi’s neck. Matt pulled at the string of his bikini. This summer was set to be a little different.


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