In the Boy’s Locker Room

I always hated showering with everyone else at school, so I’d sneak into the locker room before everyone else came in to get a shower.

I turned the water on and closed my eyes, feeling the water run down my body. That’s when something felt wrong, my whole body itched and I looked down to see my body hair retracting into my body.

Even worse, my chest and ass where beginning to swell as the water ran over them. I tried to reach to turn off the water, but waves of pleasure went through my body as I brushed against my swelling chest.

Trying to escape soon turned into pleasuring myself as I stroked my shrinking cock until it was only a little nub. I gasp in pleasure as I rub against it, a slit forming between my legs as my hair grows out to below my shoulders.

I let out a giggle, I knew what I was now, and I didn’t care. I could hear the other boys coming into the locker room, and I smile to myself.

It was time to get them to fill my pussy. Tom was gone, Tammy was there forever.


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