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A lot to deal with

Larry looked up at the group of teenagers coming to the beach. Their loud and immature behavior was annoying him but then he realized that a month ago he was just like them. But he had grown up in a very short time. He had to since the accident that put him into his neighboor’s body. The 14 years old boy was now a 30 years old woman expecting a child. If he knew that the cursed medalion he found on the street would cause it he would never touched that thing. But it was too late now and he had to deal with his new life and body. Read more

Some explaining to do

I just came back home when my phone rang. It was my wife, she wanted to meet with me and she sounded very serious. I was wondering what is it about. She couldn’t possibly know that I swapped bodies with her sister, right? On the other hand Angie can be a babbler so it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway I went to meet my wife immidiately. Read more

Model’s mansion

Mike always wanted his older cousin Amber to take him to one of the parties at the model’s mansion. Amber was a model and those parties were full of hot girls. As much as Amber wanted to take him it was strictly forbidden for anyone beside the models and some journalists to attend. One day Amber got an idea how to get her cousin inside. They will simply switch places. Using magic medalion they can swap bodies and Mike will go there in her body. Mike wasn’t sure if he wants to be his cousin but the idea was tempting. Read more