“Would you stop smoking?” my girlfriend yelled at me. To which I replied “I will first give up my manhood, before giving up smoking”. At the time I didn’t realize that was a big mistake, she looked at me with an evil grinn, “Well, if that’s what you want” she said while doing some strange hand movements.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my clothes and body had changed. I continued smoking. “So why do you hate it so much when I smoke?” I asked her, to which she replied, “I hate it when my boyfriend smokes, but I don’t care if you smoke” she said. It was that phrase that made me look down, and realize the changes I had suffered. “Wait! turn me back!” I said, “will you give up smoking?” she asked again, “no way” I replied. “Then good luck with your new life Bridget, I hope you don’t mind being a stripper” she said.

Everything went dark. A few seconds later, I felt a spotlight on my face. She wasn’t kidding, I saw a bunch of guys yelling my name “Bridget! Bridget!” I stood up, and walked towards the pole, where I gave them the best show they could hope. Did I drop my cigarrette? nope. I did the whole show while smoking, like I said, I would never give up smoking, no matter what.


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