Finally Happened.

Patrick like so many people in the great shift had a lot to deal with.

It was odd to find yourself in a different body living a different life.

Patrick ended up in the body of a housewife with 2 children living in the Pittsburgh area & was the only member of the family to change.

It was difficult at first living in a strange house with strange people constantly having to remind them that you were not who they thought you were.

As your new female body cried out for the children it had given birth to and for the man it loves as you tried to remember who you really were before the great shift.

As you had no choice but to live with these people as weeks turned into months as you find yourself fitting perfectly into your new life and roll as a mother and a wife & after you claimed your identity back and waited for your travel permit from the government to return you home.

As you give into your body’s new desires needs and wants as both of you reluctant at first to get intimate with each other.

But before you know it you end up in bed together your new female body automatically reacting to his strong male body like coming home after a long holiday to something familiar and comforting.

But before you know it you are wanking him off as your large breasts tumbled out of your top & the new void between your legs gets wet with anticipation as he squirts his hot seed all over your new breasts as your body explodes in a wave of orgasmic pleasure and you know you can never be parted from this family ever again as you both lay there sticky sweaty hot & happy that it had finally happened as you feel the tension leave your body.


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