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Some habits die hard

Tom smoked a pack a day. He didn’t want to quit, no matter how much preasure his parents, his girlfriend or his friends put on him. So I gave him a subliminal recording, something that will change his habits in a few days. Of course he didn’t know what it was, he thought it was just a common music player. Read more

Swap Institute: Sweat

Rachel had finally decided to kick her smoking habit. After years of smoking, of feeling sick when she worked out, of her friends and family worrying about her health, she finally decided to do something about it. Read more


“Would you stop smoking?” my girlfriend yelled at me. To which I replied “I will first give up my manhood, before giving up smoking”. At the time I didn’t realize that was a big mistake, she looked at me with an evil grinn, “Well, if that’s what you want” she said while doing some strange hand movements. Read more