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Der beste Gameboy der Welt

Der 17 jährige Martin hat sich wieder mal die Zeit mit Fahrrad fahren vertrieben als er plötzlich den Flohmarkt seiner Nachbarn bemerkte. Seine Mutter meinte die würden Irgendwie wegziehen. Deswegen verkaufen Sie gleich das ganze Zeug was nicht mehr gebraucht wird auf dem Flohmarkt. Martin hat sich ein wenig umgeschaut und fand zwischen den alten Videogames, einen komisch aussehenden Gameboy. Er schnappte sich das Teil und kaufte ihn bei der Nachbarstochter Sophia. Read more

Not a Costume Party

My friends and I had been obsessed with going to one of the basketball teams parties since we got to school. They were legendary across campus, and the standard all other parties were compared to. Trouble was, we were never invited. That changed tonight, though. It was Halloween. We’d show up in costume, and by the time anybody asked any questions we’d already be inside. My friends went to pick out the costumes while I got the booze. I told them grab me something and I’d pay them back later. That cost me; they wound up tossing me a sexy maid costume hours before the party. Well, I’d show them. This might work in my favor actually. I’m quite proud of my physique, and this showed a lot of skin, not to mention a pretty decent sense of humor. Read more

The perfect roommate

It was getting harder to pay the rent and bills. So you started looking for a new roommate. Tom, the first guy you interviewed seemed like the perfect guy to have as a roommate. So you chose him, and explained the few rules you had. Apart from covering a deposit, he would have to pay half the rent, and each week, he and you would take turns cleaning the flat. Read more

Getting yourself a french maid

Kyle had a smirk on his face, watching Danielle dancing for him.
Oh , those bountiful breasts tantalizingly dangling before him. And those wide hips jutting from side to side.
He thought back to past events leading up to this exquisite situation when he hand his roommate Daniel made a bet. The loser would be transformed by the winner into a french maid and be forced to tidy the whole apartment. The spell would break when all of the apartment clean. Until then the loser would be stuck as an bimbo french maid with an appetite for sexy cleaning.
As soon as the spell had been cast Kyle quickly locked the door to one of the toilets and hid the key. As long as she wouldnt be able to get inside and clean she wouldn´t either transform back, and Kyle would be able to keep this sexy minx indefinitely.

Match Maid

Stan was 28 years old and still living at with his parents with no job and no plans to study. His parents were fed up that he was wasting his life and their money so they hopped on their computer and found a matchmaker service. These matchmakers work by transforming a person into a buyers ideal parter for a massive payout to the seller… somehow this is still legal. Read more


“Au revoir Monsieur!” I squeaked to the man leaving his hotel room. He ignored me save for a brief glance and a knowing smile. I curtsied to him as he turned a corner, leaving the hotel, probably forever. *Chase after him! Go!* I thought in a panick, but outwardly I simply smiled, turned on the vacuum cleaner and continued cleaning. I was once that man, a successful man with a life and a future. I couldn’t accept that I’d been reduced to a bubbly french maid, but I had no choice. Read more

The Maid Forever

Henry was still not used to feeling his girlfriend’s hard cock pressing against his pussy. In hindsight he shouldn’t have agreed to visit that Halloween party together dressed as maid and business man with him being the maid! What had happened since then was all Sandra’s fault! Read more

Beyond Reason

Irony is a bitch. I have always trusted my mind. As an esteemed professor of philosophy, I have long argued that reason was the highest good and that only through careful application of logic was it possible to make choices resulting in a good and fulfilling life. But there is a powerful force in society that stands in the way of that possibility: the Download.
In their panicked rush to escape death, people sign up for Download insurance policies to place their consciousness in an android body after death – a body which then work as a slave for ten years. I used to lecture about it frequently in my philosophy classes, saying things like: “These downloaders turn their backs on living real life and spit on free will. It goes against everything natural for a human being. We have affirmed for generations that slavery is an unconscionable state, and now we subject ourselves to it by choice. Well you can rest assured, you will never find MY mind inside of some tin can.”
And yet, here I am – no longer a middle-aged, bearded male professor, but a dainty female android with plump tits barely contained in the most absurd maid outfit conceivable. I remember feeling pain, right in the middle of a lecture: a heart attack I got hauled off to the hospital, and when it became clear that I wasn’t going to make it, the hospital authorized an emergency download. One minute, I was breathing in sharp gasps, feeling my body shutting down, and then suddenly I was fluttering long eyelashes, feeling more alive than I ever had. I was also an indentured servant.
None of it was my choice. Apparently, when I was just a baby, my parents took out a life insurance policy on me, and they decided to add the brand new Download option. I never even knew the policy existed, but apparently, it was still valid. All those decades ago, when the technology was new, they didn’t have different levels of policy like they do now, but times have changed. Since this was such a small policy, I was automatically dropped into the lowest android option: PleasureBot.
So far, the only thing that my owner has asked me do is actual maid service: cooking and cleaning, that sort of thing. It’s demeaning work, and the way this body moves is inherently sexual: arching my back to stick out my chest, wiggling my hips, tits and ass jiggling as I walk. The worst part is that I have no choice in the matter. My programming forces me to oblige every command, no matter how degrading, with a cute little curtsy and the words, “Right away, Sir.”
Of course, with the way I’m dressed and the way he stares at me, I know it’s only a matter of time before he asks for something else. I’ve never been interested in men. In fact, I rather enjoyed being surrounded by beautiful young women on a college campus. But things in my head are getting weird. Every time I obey a command, I get a little thrill of pleasure. When I catch my owner staring at my ass, my circuits tingle, and I start swinging my hips even more. On top of it all, the programming that comes with this body is constantly bombarding me with unfamiliar thoughts. How do you apply reason to a situation like this? I don’t think I can trust my own mind anymore, because I’m even beginning to hope that my master will finally summon me for some “strenuous” duties.

To respect a maid

Alice was tired of how her boss, Mike, treated her. She was only a maid in a rich man’s house, but she deserved some respect, and she was going to get it.
Some days ago she had found a spell book while cleaning the attic of his master (as he ordered her to call him) that she studied eagerly, and finally her hard work would be rewarded.
-Alice, move your sexy ass over here!- he was also a misogynist pig.
-Yes master- she answered.
-From now on, this will be your uniform- he said showing an outfit that was more likely a black apron, so skimpy that barely covered her breast, her ass would be completely exposed, and her pussy would be only covered by a black thong. That was the final insult.
-Thanks master!- she exclaimed. Mike was caught out of guard, normally his maid would be mad, maybe she had finally understood her position.
-As a thank you, master, let me help you relax- she said smiling. Relaxing only had a meaning for Mike.
He sat in a couch, with great hopes in the body of his maid, but she moved to his back. Touching his forehead she started speaking.
-Master, you are very stressed, your mind is so tired, you should relax and let your thought wander for a change- and then she started speaking in some strange language.
At first Mike resisted, he wasn’t tired, he only wanted to fuck his sexy maid, but there was something in her voice…, the way she spoke those odd words made him felt very relaxed. Soon his mind was completely blank, his body more relaxed than ever.
-Mike, can you hear me?- Alice asked.
-Yes- he answered in a monotone tone. Alice grinned, the spell had done its job.
-Mike, you are a very powerful man, you love women’s bodies, specially big boobs and asses; you work using your mind, not your body, right?
-If you really want to relax, we should change that a bit. You want to relax, Mike?
-Then let’s start with the changes: from now on you won’t need your mind to work, in fact you won’t need it for anything, you will only work with your body. What should be a good job for your body?… Oh, I know! You could be my maid. But if you are the maid there won’t be any master… I guess I could be the mistress, only to make you work as a true maid. Wouldn’t you love that? Wouldn’t you love being the maid and make me the mistress?
-Yes, what?
-Yes mistress.
-Good maid. But a man can’t be a maid, that’s a girl’s job. What to do?… You loved women’s bodies, so if you turn into a sexy woman with big boobs and ass you will get two birds with a stone. Wouldn’t you love that?
-Yes mistress- in the blink of an eye his body morphed, she now had really big breasts, brown hair and a figure to die for, even Alice was a bit excited seeing the hot woman wearing man’s clothes in from of her.
-You are truly a beautiful maid, but Mike is a name that doesn’t make justice to your new body, as your mistress I name you Michelle. Aren’t you happy, Michelle?
-Yes mistress.
-Finally, if you are a maid, you can’t be powerful, as your mistress you will always obey me, I will control your life, mind and body. Understood?
-Yes mistress.
-Good, now you should start working- Michelle stand up and ran for the duster-. Michelle, this is the maid outfit- Alice said pointing to the clothes that her former master wanted her to wear. Read more