Got milk?

Here is one for @TigBiddies 🙂

<<Honey? Where are you?>>
<<Hmmf! I’m here! Ugh! I’m in the living room.>>
<<Ah there you are! How is it going today?>>
<<This is already the third one this afternoon. And this morning I filled two jars. I can’t take it anymore.>>
<<Stay strong love. It will get better.>>
<<My nipples hurt so much. And my tits are so swollen. I hate this.>>
<<I know honey, I know. You know that all we can do is wait.>>
<<But how much will it last? It’s been almost two weeks now. I will have to go back to work eventually.>>
<<We’ll just think of something, don’t worry.>>
<<All because of those fucking jewels of yours. Why the fuck did you leave those things laying around?>>
<<Those fucking jewels, as you call them, are the reason why you have a son now! We were desperate, remember? I didn’t believe in magic myself, but I figured out that asking to my aunt for help wouldn’t hurt. How could I imagine that they were actually magical? As far as I knew it could have just been a coincidence that I got pregnant thanks to them. Besides, what the fuck went through your mind when you decided to wear a jewel made of breast milk?>>
<<I don’t know. It was gross. It weirded me out. But I was irresistibly drawn to it. How could I know that it would have transformed me?>>
<<You’re lucky you didn’t wear the one made from a placenta. You would have ended up as a pregnant woman. A child is enough for now, don’t you think? Now, my aunt said that all we can do is wait for your breasts to stop producing milk. Eventually you will turn back into a man.>>
<<This is just too much to handle. Not only I am a woman but I have to get milked daily like a fucking cow. Just end my life please.>>
<<Quit with the whining now you crybaby. Mothers have dealt with this kind of stuff since the dawn of times. Now, would you like me to bring Johnny to you? You seem to always get relief when you breastfeed him.>>
<<Yeah, that will do. Bring him to me. You know it is so strange. He still hasn’t really met his dad. There’s something really unsettling in breastfeeding my own son. This is wrong on so many levels.>>
<<Don’t say such things. You have a unique opportunity for a father after all. Doesn’t it feel amazing? Isn’t it just like a miracle?>>
<<Yeah. I guess it is like a miracle after all.>>
<<That’s my man. Pardon me, my woman.>>
<<That’s not funny.>>
<<Oh come on! Crack a smile every once in a while. Plus, I have a surprise for you. Before getting home I stopped by that sexy shop and got ourselves one of those double-ended dildos. We can put Johnny to bed and then have some fun. What do you think? Just because you’re a woman now don’t think you can stop giving me my daily dose of sex.>>
<<Yeah sure. That sound great. Sex always seems to give me some relief. A positive aspect of now being a woman is that sex feels a thousand times better. Just let me finish here and wait for me in the bedroom. I’ll be there in a moment.>>


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