Slimed Change

Harry said redheads were all sluts, and Leanna, his redheaded girlfriend had heard enough. She used her magic family druid talisman from Ireland, and used some redhead magic on him. A green slime hit him, and he became a busty redhead himself. He was shocked at first, but then smiled as he felt horny thinking of hot cute guys.

“There, Hannah. Now you will know what a real slut is, and you’re a redhead by the way too. Maybe you can fit your own stereotype, while your ride a man. I’m breaking up with you, but we can still be roommates, and I’ll be sure to invite men over for the both of us, us sexy horny, slutty redheads,” said Leanna winking at the feminized and orientation shifted Hannah.

Hannah smiled realizing she felt sexy, and cock was hot, even though she no longer had one, but in the back of her new mind, she was in shock and terror, realizing she was now a redheaded slut bomb now.


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