Going from 0 to 100

Me and my girlfriend usually hanged out after the classes at the university had ended, doing homework together and straight up socialise with each other. We have been taking it slow and not rush into things.
This day was no different.

I hanged out at her place and was about to write the last pages on my essay. Clara and I had already decided which movie we wanted to watch when we cuddled with each other.
She was reading a book about biology when she suddenly jolted. The book dropped to the floor and she herself looked around in confusion.
“Clara?” I asked her, afraid something happened to her.
When she heard my voice and then saw me, she smiled a faint smile. “I-Im okay”, she said meekly.
“You sure? You look a little bit shaken”.
“Um, yeah. I`m ok. I-I´ll just go rest in the bedroom”.
“Call on me if you need something”, I said to her.

My ears heard Carla´s voice calling my name. I got up from the couch and headed to her bedroom.
“Mike!”, she called out again.
“I`m coming”, I shouted back.

When I opened the door my heart almost stopped. I had never seen Carla naked before, but yet, she sat in the bed stark naked. I felt my body to start shaking in excitement.
“I´ve been thinking. It´s time for us to have sex”, she purred.
She was so blunt about it. She went from “we must get to know each other” to “fuck me” in fifteen minutes straight.
I have waited for this moment for so long. I always knew she had a banging body but she always covered the good bits underneath her clothes. But this….this….this was beyond my dreams.

All my clothes landed on the floor within seconds and I joined her in bed. I took my good time to perform an excellent foreplay before sticking me throbbing dick into her pussy.
She squealed in ecstasy when I pistoned in and out of her.
Her feet dug into my back and pressed my groin against hers. She wanted my load.

I shot it into her. The pulsating dick made her reach her own orgasm too and both of us called out each others name to the ceiling.


Fifty miles from there a male teens body was sleeping in the bed. His conciousness wasn´t inside of him, it was inside his sister Carla at the university. His curiousity just had to get an answer to how women felt it when having sex.
Now he knew.
And he would find out again and again.


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