A weekend in the bedroom

Finally the weekend had come. Cassandra felt worn out from the work week that just had passed. Now she would just relax, dress in comfortable clothes and spend time with her husband. She opened up their door with her key, placed her coat on the hanger and took a step into the hallway.

She saw a small table there, repositioned from its usual spot, together with The Remote and a note. Looks like her husband was up to something again. It had been a couple of weeks now but the last time they had used it she was transformed into a young Carmen Electra and he became a stud from a porno she never had seen.
Picking up the note she read: “The Remote is programmed and ready. Just point it at yourself and press the button. I`m in the master bedroom waiting for you.” A secret body, eh? This would be fun!

Smiling broadly and with anticipation she pointed the remote at herself and gave herself a blast.
All of the changes happened instantly. Her vantage point had changed dramatically in an blink of an eye. She was much taller now. Looking down she discovered that the breasts that she was so proud of were gone. Her chest were completely flat. But that was compensated with that an area that is usually flat got an prominent bulge instead.
She flexed her arms, she felt incredibly strong now. Looking in the mirror he saw a good looking male with a square jaw and blue piercing eyes. Richard, his husband, wanted her to become a him for a reason. His suspicions made his dick harden up a bit and he hasted to the bedroom.

In the bed a most beutiful blonde woman was smiling at him, seductively inviting him seductively to take his place next to her.
“Richard?”, Cassandra asked.
She shook her head and answered with a sweet voice: “Today I´m your loving wife Bethany,and you are my hunky husband Daniel”. She added a wink with her eye.

`Bethany`put on a series of sexy poses to him. `Daniel´s cock got harder for every move the woman in bed made. It didn´t take long for the two of them to be entangled in each other, kissing and caressing and ultimately fucking like rabbits.
The names “Beth” and “Danny” was repeated over and over until they both collapsed in each others arms, spent and satisfied.


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