The sexual debut couldn´t come soon enough

“Holy shit dude! You totally looks like your mom!”
The woman sitting in the bed gave the boy a glance. “Yeah! Isn´t it cool? All I needed was to touch this Zulo medallion to mom´s bra and thirty minutes later I look like her”.

The two friends Harry and Pete were immensely curious about sex. Especially on how it felt. Their bodies wasn´t mature enough yet so they could have the full experience, but Pete had a solution to that problem.
Out of nowhere a medallion had landed in his lap when he was at the park. Back home he accidentaly had figured out that it could transform people by touching clothes to it. To discover that he had got stuck as his little sister by mistake. Worst twelve hour ever.
And where would two horny boys get hold of clothing from grown ups? Easy, take them from their parents.

Pete examined her female body, taking in all the sensations. She felt a new sorts longing inside of her.
“Hey! Hurry up already! Touch the medallion and transform into your dad so we can start exploring”.


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