Harold would regret calling the girl at the mall a skank right in front of her friends. When he got home he felt weird and before he even made it inside, he realized something was way off. Looking down he seen why, he was female and dressed like a skank. Now he knows what the girl meant when she said he would know what a real skank is, and then her eyes glowed a bit!

When he final got to the picnic table outside, two guys approached him, “Well, baby, ready for some three way action?”

Harold didn’t even know these guys, and they were horny and unzipping right there in his backyard, ready to take him on the picnic table. Before he could react, they threw his small delicate new frame over the table, and as he felt the table’s rough hard surface beneath his new soft skin, one of the guys in front of him climbed on the table and pulled him on top of him. This felt smoother than the table, but now he was on top of a guy. The guy put in his member into Harold’s new vagina, after the other guy ripped off his shorts, revealing a pussy with no panties covering it! The guy behind him that ripped off those shorts put his into Harold’s ass.

Now Harold was getting double penetration and was realizing he was now the skank in this relationship. As his mouth opened in shock and weird pleasure, another guy approached, and filled those open lips with his big thick man meat, so now Harold was fully occupied right in his backyard with man meat. As his tiny hands went out in desperation, being mounted three ways, each hand suddenly had a cock touching it, and as he grabbed to feel what it was, he now had both hands around cocks! Now he, no SHE was with five guys right in her backyard, and they showed no sign of tiring.

A voice, the voice of the girl at the mall entered his head briefly, “Who’s the skank now, Helena? Get used to it baby, this is your new life, Helena Edwards, the town skank with so many boy toys her phone is full of contacts, and she will be getting plenty of “contact” if you know what I mean. By the way you’re clothes, or rather lack thereof are skanky too, you have to keep the image I mean. Have a nice life Miss Edwards, keep the men in line, in line to fuck you that is. You’ll make a great skank.”

With that Helena’s eyes lit up, she realized her fate was sealed, and soon her mouth was full as the first man came into it, giving her the first taste of hot cum.


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