Shy no longer

James was incredibly shy. Because of that he avoided most people at school and didn’t take part in any events. He never was on a party before, he prefered to stay home. His friend Kyle was worried that James will miss all the fun. Kyle decided to help him with the potion he bought at the magic store. The potion had some weird side effect, Kyle didn’t even imagined. It turned the shy boy into a wery wild and crazy girl. Now Jenny was at the center of attention. She was hot and full of confidence. Everybody talked about the party girl and everyone wanted to be her friend. Jenny had made a lot of crazy things since then. Kyle often had to hold her back before she would do something even more stupid.
“Hey guys! Who want’s to join me” Jenny yelled throwing away her bikini top. “Not again” Kyle sighed, thinking that taking her to a pool party wasn’t a good idea as Jenny started to prading around topless.


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