Revenge Backfire

I was anxious with anticipation as I rushed back to my apartment to prepare the spell that would turn my roommate into an adoring girlfriend. Recently I’d learned that he’d lied about the rent, and that I was paying for both of us to live there! I asked him to pay me back but he told me it wasn’t going to happen. Furious, I decided to get my own revenge. I haven’t been having the best luck with women recently, so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. I would turn that freeloader into the perfect roommate using a spell I’d bought and hid under my bed.

When I got home I checked around to see if Luke, my roommate, was home. Usually he gets home about a half an hour after me, so that would give me plenty of time to prepare the spell. When I opened my bedroom door and flicked on the lights, I was surprised to find Luke sitting on the bed with the scroll in his hand. I jumped from surprise.

“Luke, what are you doing in my room?” I asked indignantly.
“Look what I found.” He said holding up the spell. “Do you think I don’t know what this is?”
I tried to lie. “Luke, you don’t think that’s for you do you?”
“No, it’s for you.” He said, his eyes glowing and the scroll bursting into ash. When Luke cast the spell I felt incredibly dizzy for only a second. When things felt normal again I realized I was shorter. Looking down I found big soft breasts encased in a bra, and I was wearing a dress.
“Luke, no!” I said in a breathy girlish voice.
“Oh yes… So this spell makes the perfect woman, eh? My perfect woman follows direction. And she’s quite shy.” He said wickedly. I felt myself become afraid of him, but also eager to please.
“How’s that feel?” He asked.
“I… Luke please change me back.” I quietly squeaked out, looking at the floor in embarrassment.
“Come here and kiss me Jenna.” He told me. My body immediately threw myself on him and I began to passionately make out with him. I had had no choice or control, my body and part of my mind thought it was the only thing it could do. He groped me we sloppily mashed our faces together, then before I knew it he had thrown me on the bed, pulled my shirt up, my bra down and started groping my boobs.

He pulled his face off of mine and pulled his dick out. I was terrified because I knew what this meant for the spell.
“No, Luke please…” I meekly whispered, finally locking eyes with him out of fear more than anything else. “Please don’t… fuck me…” I pleased in an even weaker whisper.
“Why not?”
“Because then I’m… like this forever.”

Luke smiled, one hand still on my breast playing with my nipple. As he lifted my dress, pulled my panties to the side and spread my knees apart, I knew buying that spell was the worst mistake I’d ever made, and these soft tits would be mine forever. I’d be a woman for the rest of my life.


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