Showered with Love

Harry and Arnold were best friends and did everything together! So when Harry found out about a magic shower with water that temporarily turns the user into the opposite gender, he just had to get his pal Arnold to try it with him.

While uncomfortable at first, standing naked in a shower with their best friend, their embarrassment quickly turned to arousal as the magical water turn them into the two hottest women they’d each ever seen. And surely, boys will be boys. It’s hard to tell who started it, but not long after they became women the two began their love marathon, fully exploring the extent of their new bodies, groping each others breasts, eating each other’s pussies… there was a lot of fun to be had.

However, what the two friends didn’t realize was that part of the shower’s magic was that the more times they cam during their shower, the longer they would have to spend as women. At their current rate, there going to be stuck as women for at LEAST 100 years.


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