Shithole to Glory hole!

Larry called his girlfriend Liza’s grandma’s old house a shithole, and called her a ho. She overheard, and it angered her as well as her granddaughter Liza.

“A shithole, and I’m a ho? I think not, how about a glory hole, and you’re a ho, IN IT,” said Grandma Trenton as her eyes glowed red.

“You hurt my family, you hurt me, Larry, you get what you deserve,” said Liza, knowing her grandma had powers.

Suddenly Larry was in a glory hold with the body of a slutty busty blonde, kneeled down in front of a huge cock, her dainty right hand over it with her mouth open for business! Larry was somehow turned on by this cock, but freaked out too. Larry wanted to pull away, but couldn’t the spell made him suck it, then back away and let it explode on him. Then he regained control, and realized he now a cum covered ho, but for some reason wearing this cum, smelling it on him, and tasting it, turned him on. He was a real ho! Tears rolled down his makeup caked cheeks, as the makeup ran down them too, as he seen his new reflection in a mirror at the glory hole across from the entrance door to the glory hold cubical.

He, well she realized she should have never spoke badly like she did about Liza’s grandma’s house or Liza’s grandma period. Now she would be the one with the periods, and she was the ho, a real ho now too!


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