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Santa’s little helper

This year Jeremy wanted to get a present from Santa even though it was very unlikely because he has been raping teenaged girls this year.santa was getting tired being alone so he came up with a plan. Jeremy was drunk and nearly half asleep but he could hear the rustling in the fireplace then Santa popped out “Santa is that you are you gonna give me presents” no Jeremy I have other plans for you” ” what are they Santa” “oh you’ll see” then Santa chanted become my ho ho ho become my ho ho ho become my ho ho ho immediately Jeremy felt the change first his hair grew then his pecs became breasts then his manhood inverted and became a vagina before he new it he was a slut named Jesse “oh Santa I’m the ho you wanted for Christmas” oh I know Jesse you are gonna be Santa’s little helper do you know what with though Jesse ” ” no santa I don’t please please tell me” your gonna help pleasure me Jesse ” ” yay I’m so excited santa

Shithole to Glory hole!

Larry called his girlfriend Liza’s grandma’s old house a shithole, and called her a ho. She overheard, and it angered her as well as her granddaughter Liza. Read more

Tables Turned

Lizzie’s pimp, Byron, told her to mingle at the party and suck as many cocks as possible. Imagine his shock when the Great Shift hit, and swapped their bodies. Lizzie kept a straight face, and pretended to be the old Bryon. Read more