Jason Stanley one of the richest men in America did his duties like a good little house maid whilst all the time searching for that magic amulet Stephanie the real house made used to steal his life and his body.

Jason new nobody would believe him if he told them who he really was and it was a massive uphill struggle learning everything he needed to know about being a woman and everything he would need to know about his new duties as a housemaid not wanting to give her any reason to sack him and throw a him out on his ass.

He wanted to stay close to his body and his fortune in hope that one day he would find the amulet she used and would be able to get his body and life back.

But if he only knew Stephanie was not the only one using the amulet as half the rich men in America were now in the bodies of housekeepers maids and nannies living a life of servitude as punishment for being sexist pigs.


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