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Jason Stanley one of the richest men in America did his duties like a good little house maid whilst all the time searching for that magic amulet Stephanie the real house made used to steal his life and his body. Read more

Still there

“Hey buddy, are you still there?” my friend asked. I couldn’t speak, I was lying on the floor, frozen in place. All I was wearing was that stupid magic amulet he gave me. “Hey Tom, look at me!” he said. Suddenly I turned my face towards him and said out loud “I am not tom”. I couldn’t believe I was saying that. I wanted to yell at him, and tell him to turn me back, but everytime I tried to say something, my body said something else. “My name is Emily”, my body said. Read more

You are mine

My wife and I were perfect for each other. We have been married only for a week. We loved each other, we know what the other was thinking, we helped each other in everything. So, when she asked me to go pick up her old clothes from her old roomate’s appartment, I didn’t even hesitate. She told me she was a little weird and she tends to tell fake stories. Read more