20 years after

I’ve always felt different. I can’t explain it, but I feel like there is something different in me. My mother, Kim, got pregnant while on the beach a couple of decades ago. Although she is a great mother, back then she was a bimbo. She slept with so many guys that day, that she doesn’t know who my father is.

A few days ago, when I turned twenty, my mom told me she had a secret to tell me. I thought she was going to tell me she really knew who my father was. But instead, she told me this crazy story about how she can shape shift. And it was possible I could do so myself. “I could show you, but I want you to try it yourself first” she told me.

She told me to go to my room, and concentrate on getting taller. I thought it was stupid, but decided to try it. I was amazed, how simple it was, I just thought, 6’8″ and in mere seconds I had increased 5 inches in size. I then looked down at my thing, “12 inches” I thought, and there it was, it looked kind of cartoony, my 12 inch penis. I concentrated again, and I was back to my normal, regular size self.

I went back downstairs, and hugged my mom. “So, now you believe me?” she said. “well, yes. But what else can we do?” I asked excitedly. “Anything about your body, you can change. Even gender”. I believed her, but who would want to change genders, I thought. “have you ever wondered why there are no pictures of myself before I was 21 years old?” she asked me. “wait… you were?”, “yes” she answered, “but that was a long time ago, I don’t think of myself like that”. She had tears in her eyes. I concentrated for a little while, and turned myself into a copy of her. “Mom, don’t cry, if you want we can exchange lifes for one day”. I said while hugging her. I felt empowered, I was now a 42 year old woman, and a really hot one. She then concentrated, and turned herself into a copy of me. “are you sure?” she asked from my former 20 year old body. “Sure, I’ll tell you what, you can be me for a week. Just no funny business with my…. with your girlfriend… ok?” I said pretending to be the mother.

For the whole week, I could see my mom having fun pretending to be me. On friday, he went out with his girlfriend, while I stayed home. Then James, an old friend of my mom’s showed up. I didn’t know they were dating, and worst of all, they were doing it. Before I could say anything he was in my mother’s bed, naked, and expecting sex. I had to pretend to be her. So I dressed sexily, and walked towards him. It was hard wearing heels. But the thruth was the whole thing was making me wet. It was a new feeling. As expected, I had sex with him. It was my first time, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Afterwards James left, “yes, yes, before my son sees you here” I said.

Next sunday, it was time to turn ourselves back. My mom transformed herself in mere seconds. But no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to. “That’s weird, during my whole life, the only time I couldn’t change my body was when I was pregnant with you” she said. “But that’s impossible, you haven’t had sex” she continued. By then, I knew exactly what the problem was. And I think my mom was already putting all the pieces together. “James…. JAMES! I forgot! did you sleep with him?” my mom yelled.

There wasn’t much to discuss, for the next 9 months, I had to stay a woman, a pregnant woman, while my mom pretends to be my former male self. Afterwards, we would have to decide if I go back to being my old maleself, or I become the mother forever. I knew it would be a hard decision, but after my mom got my girlfriend pregnant. I knew she would want to stay in that body, and I in hers.


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