Serving my New Masters

I was once one of my peoples greatest warriors in the war of Elves and Orcs. I had led my people to many victories against the vile orcs, and with each victory my fame grew. It was near the end of the war when my downfall came. With every victory for my people the orcish horde grew more aggressive, more savage. I had paid this no mind until my battalion and I came under ambush from an orc war party. However while my men were slaughtered I was taken alive. The warriors almost seemed to do their best to avoid serious harm to my person. Finally after the slaughter of my men they dragged me away to their camp. I remember them throwing me into the shamans tent, and after that my mind sees a haze of what is remembered as elixirs and chants. When I came to I first noticed the body I now possess and have come accustomed to, and I then noticed the War Chief of the Horde across from me with the largest cock I had ever seen. I remember the initial revulsion when he took me, but I also remember the growing pleasure as he continued well into the next day. Shortly there after I was appointed as head concubine of his harem, and now I service him and his personal war party at all hours. Even now many years after the defeat of my people I cannot help but feel pleasure at severing my new masters.


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