We Did It!

“Alexis, we did it! OMG did I just call you Alexis?” I said from from my new body. My best friend Alex and I had used this app on our phones that turned us into the girls we would’ve been had we been born girls. It also allowed us to adjust the age we would be. We were 29 before the and now we were both 16. We were sophomores in high school. It was Summer vacation now and we were in our bikinis ready to go to the lake with some older senior guys.
“Brittany, do you think Andrew likes me?” Alexis asked me. She had liked him for months now and had even touched his dick at a party that Andrew of course didn’t remember.
“I think once he sees us in these bikinis, Andrew, and everyone else will want to fuck us tonight.” There was a honk outside. “They’re here Britt!” Called Alexis.


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