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If you ever think of trying to steal from the alien you hitched a ride from don’t. That’s what got me in this mess. You see earth is now barren, and humans have been newly introduced into the galaxy. Meaning that we’re actually the aliens, and exotic ones at that. I’ve been drifting for the last few years before I hitched a ride on a freighter to one of the nearby moons that I had heard was looking for miners. And in a fit of hunger I might have taken some food that wasn’t mine, but actually belonged to the ships captain. Well needless to say I got caught, and I had one of two choices. I could have gone to one of those moons as a prisoner for the rest of my life, or I could go through a reassignment. I didn’t really want to go to the mines to begin with, so I went with reassignment. Although now I probably would’ve taken my chances with the mines had I known what that meant. Reassignment means you get turned into a female counterpart of whatever your species is based of your genetic code. So now after my “reassignment” I’ve been released to the custody of the ship captain I stole from, and am now his personal “Pleasure Officer” as you can see right now he’s having his fun with me before he sends me to attend to the other guests on the ship. He’s definitely got his full payback.

Whole New Experience

You see I used to be one of those brothers that had a big dick and liked using it. But after the great shift I was no longer a brother but a sister. And well to be honest I really thought that only black guys had big dicks, but after a few truly disappointing goes of it, I found myself open to new experiences. And I could never be happier with my choice. Now I get to play with this vigorous lover whenever I want, who knows I might just keep him.

$Getting My Money’s Worth$

Do you see this lovely creature that’s adoringly taking of of this fine gentleman’s big black cock? Well she used to be my cheating asshole husband. 20 years and I find him boning his secretary in our bed. Needless to say a divorce soon followed, but the bastards lawyers managed to give him everything and leave me with nothing! It took me a good while to figure out how to regain my losses, but about a year later an idea came to me. So after calling in some favors from a few people my ex-husband was no more, replaced with my voluptuous younger sister who came to live with me. If she happened to bring home sexual partners that left copious sums of money, who was I to complain? After all we need rent money. And if I happen to record these exploits and make even more money, well that’s just a family business.

Always Together

Here we see two sisters, Frankie and Billy O’Reily , before the Great Shift they were two brothers who did everything together. As you can see here not much has changed, now the run the most successful escort service in the entire city despite being small in size these two ladies bring great pleasure to their new clients together as they always have.

Dream Come True

Growing up I always envied white women. I always envied them because they were able to be fucked by big strong black men. Even my mom who hated men fucked a black guy on a regular basis. So when the new tech came out the let you choose exactly how you wanted to look and be within a matter of minutes I made the change as soon as possible. Now I get to live out my dream of having a BIG BLACK COCK rammed over and over again into my sweet little white pussy. Mmmmmmm this feels good.

Unexpected Night

To be honest this wasn’t how I thought tonight would go. Honestly I was expecting to just play some cards, have a few beers, kick back and relax. That all changed when Marcus brought out the new pill that everyone’s been talking about. Apparently the pill can transform anyone who takes it into the opposite sex. So to make things interesting instead of money we bet that the loser would take the pill and get fucked by the other two. Well, as you can see I lost the card game, but honestly I think I won the night. Having one cock rammed in my new pussy and another in my mouth, I didn’t expect it to feel this good, but I’m glad it does.

Mom and Daughter Duo

I never expected this. You see once I was old enough to know what I wanted, I chose to go through transition from male to female. I was not prepared for my mom’s reaction. As it turns out she had always wanted a daughter, so when I came to her about my transition her excitement was completely unexpected. She even paid for everything! So now she and I go shopping together, to the spa, double dating, and as you can see double blowing! 🙂 One of our favorite things is to see who can make their man cum faster, and right now it seems like we’re pretty tied.

Serving my New Masters

I was once one of my peoples greatest warriors in the war of Elves and Orcs. I had led my people to many victories against the vile orcs, and with each victory my fame grew. It was near the end of the war when my downfall came. With every victory for my people the orcish horde grew more aggressive, more savage. I had paid this no mind until my battalion and I came under ambush from an orc war party. However while my men were slaughtered I was taken alive. The warriors almost seemed to do their best to avoid serious harm to my person. Finally after the slaughter of my men they dragged me away to their camp. I remember them throwing me into the shamans tent, and after that my mind sees a haze of what is remembered as elixirs and chants. When I came to I first noticed the body I now possess and have come accustomed to, and I then noticed the War Chief of the Horde across from me with the largest cock I had ever seen. I remember the initial revulsion when he took me, but I also remember the growing pleasure as he continued well into the next day. Shortly there after I was appointed as head concubine of his harem, and now I service him and his personal war party at all hours. Even now many years after the defeat of my people I cannot help but feel pleasure at severing my new masters.

New Order Pt. 3

Here we see Ms. Cummings in her new role as a pleasure administrator. As you can see her client is obviously enjoying his service, but so is Ms. Cummings. This is a result of her conditioning with our rehabilitation program. Whether she settles as a married woman or moves up in the pleasure service, she will always seek to increase the pleasure of her partner, which also increase her own. She will make a fine addition.