Maury clutched his hands over his breasts and said to his girlfriend Wendy: “You can’t be serious.”

Wendy chuckled while she continued to grab and stroke her cock in Maury’s body. “I am serious, and the spell my grandma gave me sealed the deal. So deal with it. I’m tired of being your little woman and taking your weak cock in me when you’ve already spent yourself on other girls at the office. You said you loved my boobs so much, well that’s fine, now they’re yours. You liked me dressing in flimsy one-piece dresses, well now you’re wearing one. Get used to it. Now get over here and suck me off Wendy, ‘cuz I’m off to work pretty soon and I don’t want those office girls making me cheat..” She pointed to her, well, HIS former cock.

Maury gulped and adjusted his glasses. Should he do it? Could he do it? He wasn’t a man anymore so it wasn’t wrong, and why, why was he feeling wet down in his crotch? Maybe he really was Wendy now in mind and body. He was powerless and as he got down on his knees to begin sucking, he realized how serious this situation was.


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