Security Cam

The security cam showed anyone trying to break into the lab, and they change ray would take care of the threat without technically hurting anyone physically. The owner of the lab, had a sick sense of humor, and would do some extreme changes to the guys trying to break in.

Here is some security footage of the affects of the change ray after Brad Peterson tried to break into the lab. He was changed into an ultra busty thick lipped blonde woman right there on the spot. He didn’t want to act defeated however, and revealed his huge new chest, bouncing it up and down in front of the security camera with a bit of a smile as if he didn’t care. Later he did care however, as on his way home he got catcalled by seven different guys, and realized walking with big bouncy boobs was going to take some getting used to!

When he well she got home, she cried a bit then checked her new self out in the mirror. She was grossly enormous in the breast area!

Later she sat down to watch TV to get her mind off of the changes, though with anyone it would be hard not think about boobs that big! What was strange was, she didn’t want to watch the normal action films she had on Blu-ray, but instead turned on to some romantic comedy and kept watching! Later she brought out some scented candles left behind by her ex-girlfriend, and lit them up! Soon she went to the fridge, and instead of heating up a microwave burger, she got out the non-fat yogurt and had two of those. Finally she took off her new clothes, revealing her ultra curvaceous buxom body with massive breasts, and ran a bath with bubble bath her ex left behind also! She put the TV on easy listening channel, and took a long hot bath while listening to the soothing music. She dozed off a bit, her head still above the suds of course, and dreamed about being with handsome hunky guys! When she woke she felt turned on in her crotch area, and her nipples were hard. Had she not been in the bath, she would have realized her pussy was wet, wet at the thought of being with guys, something she actually was hours earlier!

The funny thing was, out of all of this, she had no desire to go back and steal from the lab, but was full of other desires now as a busty woman! Flash forward about a month later, and she was decked out in a tight mini dress, sparkly black hose, and knee high boots, with her dress hiked up, one guy in her cooch the other in her butt, while her new thick lips were filled by another guy, and two more, one in each hand! She was definitely not thinking of burglarizing the lab, but instead was more interested in stealing cocks and their hot cum! Her new name was Bianca Beaverson now she changed her first name to more feminine, and her last from “peter” to “beaver” in it, since she now had a sexy beaver and no longer a “peter”!


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