Dixon Enters

As Dick’s girlfriend chanted the spell, he was instantly changed, clothing an all to a stocking clad curvy female! Leaving him little time to react, she began to “eat him out” in his new pussy! His nylon clad shapely and smooth legs were spread, as he freaked grabbing at his new humongous breasts, feeling what it’s like to have them on your own chest!

His girlfriend got up a bit, “Welcome to womanhood Dixon Enters, you wanted to spread info to everyone in town about my past life as a porn actress? You didn’t keep it a secret like I begged you to, so I could start over? Now you get to start over there Miss Dixon Enters. That’s right, that’s your new name now, you are going to make me money as a porn star slut. You can demand nothing from me, or I will do worse, turn you into a frog. You will now and always be my slut bitch girlfriend, and I’ll sell you out as I see fit. Got that WOMAN?! Get used to it, that vagina I was pleasuring with my tongue is your new equipment for pleasure. Oh, and don’t think these stockings are all your wearing tonight. I have some very high heels for you, and a nice tight dress for you to accentuate those luscious new curves and boobs the spell I cast gave you. Yes SPELL, and mess with me, and it will be worse.”

Dick now Dixon Enters freaked out but was defeated, “Oh my gosh how can you do this? I’m sorry for what I did, I’m sorry, how can I do this? This is so… so… messed up.”

“You can be sorry all you want, the deed is done, and my deed is done too. I won’t undo what I did to you any more than you can undo what you did to me. We are even now, and I like you better this way anyway. I’m more into chicks, and I must say you are a very hot chick. I bet you’ll be a stunner in some of my dresses and heels. Get ready for your tiny new feet to hurt a bit in the heels too, a price to pay to look good baby. Don’t worry you’ll be fine, no you ARE fine,” said Dixon’s girlfriend as she began to go down on her girlfriend again!

Dixon was about to react, but here new pleasures were overwhelming her, whatever that spell did, it gave her an ultra horny female body!


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