Sea Legs

I have learned that people in this land think of Mermen as a joke, which I simply cannot understand. Mermen are the true masters of the sea. They can swim as fast as a swordfish. They have scales like diamonds and spines like daggers, not to mention they’re hung like walruses. And I was once the mightiest of the Mermen in the Atlantic. I once killed a giant squid with my bare fins, and I spawned scores of Merchildren with Mermaids all across the ocean floor.
But I made a mistake when I seduced the King’s favorite daughter. He was a powerful and vengeful ruler, and he commanded an army of beasts and Merpeople who finally ran me down in the Caribbean. The king wanted to kill me on the spot, but his daughter begged him to spare my life. But his wrath could not be abated. He raised the gilded harpoon he used as a scepter, pointed it directly at me. A glowing bolt of energy leapt from its barbed tip directly into my chest.
The pain was overwhelming. It felt like I was being cut in two and flayed alive. My scales were peeling off like a shower of broken glass, and my tail began to split. Bones shattered and muscles tore apart. I watched in horror and agony as my once glorious tail took on the shape of crude, clumsy legs. I flailed my new limbs frantically as my gills began closing up to be replaced by sacks of air. All the while, the King was laughing. This was it. I was going to die. The King hadn’t killed me, but I was going to die anyway while he watched.
But then my body started to rise. At some point, I had lost my swim bladder and my body was beginning to float. My head burst above the surface of the sea and I gasped desperately, breathing in air directly for the first time. Nearby was a sandy beach, and the current was pushing me toward it. I would live after all, but it seemed to me like a fate worse than death. The King had decided on the most shameful punishment imaginable for a proud Merman. He had transformed me into a human.
But what I hadn’t immediately realized is that he didn’t stop at taking my tail. My new limbs were so strange that I didn’t notice the other changes to my body, at least not until I washed to shore, sputtering and cold. I tried to stand for the first time, but I still didn’t know how to use feet and legs, so I immediately fell back into the sand. It was pointless. I was definitely smaller and thinner, and I attributed that to human frailty. There was also something tight and constricting wrapped around my body. I looked down and sighed weakly. They were human garments. Another shameful addition to my punishment. Then I did a double take. Those weren’t just human garments; they were women’s swimwear. Brightly colored and miniscule, the top squeezed around two mounds of flesh on my chest, and the bottom tightly covered my flat smooth crotch. Not only was I human, I was female.
My fins and gills were gone. My strength and power were gone. Everyone I had ever known was now gone from me forever beneath the waves of the sea. I felt small and scared and alone. I just wanted someone, ANYONE to help me. That’s when I saw someone else on the beach. They were a ways off, but they were getting closer. I cried out for help and for the first time heard my new voice. It was high pitched and sounded particularly strange above water, but it carried across the sand to the stranger. They must have understood something of my desperation because they started running.
Very soon, I could make out features of the approaching human. Only its waist and upper legs were covered. There were broad shoulders and a torso built with even more muscle than I had once possessed. The creature’s hair was short and dark above a head with a solid, square jaw. I assumed that it was male, but I was still pretty unfamiliar with humans at that point, so I couldn’t be sure. At least, not until he was close enough for me to get a better look at his swimwear. The shorts were on the tight side, which allowed for me to clearly see the massive organ that was barely contained in that fabric. “Wow!” I thought, “He might be a bit of a walrus himself!”
Then I felt something strange from my new body: wetness. My body was producing its own moisture. Having been born of the sea, this sudden trickle of liquid was the first thing that made me feel at home in this body. And the more I looked at the jogging male, the more wetness I felt. By the time he was standing in front of me, I understood what my new body wanted – no, NEEDED. Apparently the one thing I hadn’t lost from my old life was my insatiable sex drive. The only difference was, I now craved the thick meat of a warm blooded land creature. The man spoke to me, but I didn’t understand his language. I tried to tell him that he should fuck me like a killer whale in heat, but he just tilted his head in confusion. Well if we couldn’t understand each other’s words, there were plenty of other ways to get my meaning across. For instance, if I wrapped my new, plump lips around that massive cock of his, I bet he would understand what I wanted. I still wasn’t able to walk, so I started crawling toward him, but with what I had in mind, I wouldn’t need my legs much anyway. Maybe this punishment wouldn’t be so bad after all.


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