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I’ve been a nurse in the intensive care unit for a decade now, and I thought I had seen everything. People shoot themselves with nail guns, break bones trying to be acrobats, and lose all sorts of objects in their anuses. Of course, there are also the people who are actually sick.
He said his name was Jason, though he could barely get any words out. He was sweating and shaking and coughing. We got him a bed as soon as we could and started to run some diagnostics. It was difficult though because he was thrashing and writhing around like he was on fire. His temperature was through the rough, his heart was beating double time, and his breathing was ragged. I had to get the two male nurses on the floor to hold him down so that we could do a blood draw and run some tests.
While we were waiting for the lab results, I had to see to a couple other patients, but I dropped everything when I heard a shrill scream from down the hall. The odd thing was, it sounded like a women, but there were only men in that end of the hall. Knowing how much Jason was suffering, I popped my head into his room. What I saw completely shocked me.
I could barely recognize the young man I had admitted. He had stripped off the standard hospital gown and lay in the bed completely naked. He was covered in a slick sheen of sweat and looked like he had lost as much as thirty pounds. It almost seemed like his waist was caving in before my very eyes. Wet hair was matted to his face and neck, though I could have sworn he came in with a buzz cut. His heart monitor was beeping at a furious pace, and I could smell vomit in the room. “Jason?” I said.
He turned to look at me, and his face seemed somehow altered. Perhaps his cheeks were sunken to make his cheekbones seem more pronounced. Oddly, despite his obviously awful condition, his face seemed almost radiant – smooth complexion, shining eyes, plump red lips. But then another jolt of pain coursed through his body, and he emitted a shrill scream. A woman’s scream.
That’s when I noticed what had been bothering me most about Jason’s appearance. His penis was gone. As a nurse, you get used to the site of people’s genitals. So I hadn’t been at all shocked by the sight of a vagina between someone’s legs, but this someone had been 100% male when he arrived. Now I understood what was so odd about his appearance; he was getting more and more feminine every moment.
Just then, Jason clutched his – or technically HER – chest. Despite her efforts to restrain them, large breasts were swelling beneath her shrinking hands. Hair continued pouring from her scalp as her hips and butt rounded out. As the changes finally slowed, Jason’s attempts to stop her breasts from growing changed as well. Dainty hands with long nails began groping and rubbing her new tits, and then one hand began snaking down to the pussy which had blossomed between her legs. Jason’s heart was still racing, and she was soon screaming again, but this time they were screams of pleasure. And plenty of other nurses were poking their head in to find out just what was going on.
The lab is still trying to understand the strange compound they found in the young man’s blood. Jason is still under observation, but she prefers to go by Jasmine now. I’ve also had to add a few new reports to her chart: bruises from rolling around on the floor, and irritated skin around the genitals from excessive friction.

I know what you’re thinking

I know what you’re thinking. That there’s no way I could really be your best friend Kevin. And especially after what we just did. I bet you never thought you’d hear your wingman screaming out your name while you took him from behind. Of course, you certainly can’t call me a “him” anymore. As you well know, I’m ALL woman now – just the type of seductive morsel we used to hit on at bars and clubs. I think Candi is a better name for me now, don’t you? And it’s all thanks to the TG Flu.
I know what you’re thinking. That there’s no such thing as the TG Flue. That it’s just a myth or an urban legend. That’s what I thought too, at least until I caught it myself. I guess this is what happens when you bring home random women – you don’t know what they might be bringing with them. The girl was a knockout, with the biggest rack I’d ever seen, and she came after me like a jungle predator. It was incredibly not – feverish even. We went at it for hours, exchanging all sorts of fluids, just like you’re not supposed to when you’re sick. By the time she finally fell asleep, I was dizzy, nauseous, burning up, and more aroused than I’ve ever been in my entire life. An hour later, I looked like this – beautiful, round tits, long blonde hair, seductive eyes, and a pussy that was just screaming to be filled.
I know what you’re thinking. That a manly man like your old pal Kevin would never act like such a girly girl – putting on makeup, doing his nails, flirting with guys – even if he did have a pair of knockers on his chest. But honestly, I’ve never been happier. It’s so liberating to be free from all that chest beating bravado. There are so many more delicious things I can do with my new chest. But really, I’m the same old person. I still enjoy sex. In fact, even more than I used to. After all, you heard me moaning. Every touch is like a symphony of pleasure. And having your cock inside me… I thought I knew what an orgasm felt like, but the first time you penetrated me was better than every ejaculation I’ve ever experienced. And it just kept getting better until the climax hit me like a freight train. Now that I’ve had that, I can’t even imagine going back. That’s one of the other things about me, that hasn’t changed – I go after what I want. After twenty-four hours of playing with this delectable new body on my own, I wanted real sex. I wanted your cock. And I got it. That’s why I didn’t tell you who I was at first. I knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it. But don’t worry. I can tell you’re disconcerted, but we won’t be doing this again. Don’t get me wrong, you were great, but this was our only chance.
I know what you’re thinking. That the TG Flue stays contagious for forty-eight hours. You’re wondering why you feel so warm, even though you’ve got goosebumps. You’re wondering if that churning in your stomach is just something you ate, the beginning of an illness, or maybe something changing. You’re wondering why your cock is still hard even after three rounds of sex. And you’re wondering if your cock has always been that small. I’m sorry, buddy. I really am. But I was going out of my mind. And look at it this way: we can still be best friends! We’ll hit the bars and clubs together picking up dates just like we always have. Well, maybe not JUST like always. But I have to tell you, it’s so much better from the other side. There’s nothing as unnerving and thrilling as knowing that a guy wants you. And the sex! I know I keep mentioning it, but that’s because it’s amazing! Of course, you’ll know soon. I think I can already see the first swelling of your new tits. Hopefully you’ll get nice big ones like me. I think you’re already getting thinner too. Soon your penis will retract, and a brand new pussy will open up, already dripping wet and ready to be penetrated. And I’ll be here to help you get used to your new body. Trust me; you’ll enjoy it.


They told Harry his research was foolish, that it was a waste of time. But no one ever warned him it was dangerous.
For a scientist, Dr. Harrold Rasmussen had always been a bit of a Romantic. He liked to think that maybe there was some truth to the old stories about spells and magic. After all, if the universe and all reality was composed of vibrating strings, wasn’t it at least possible that the vibrations of sound waves could affect that reality?
The experiment was simple. He would set up a computer program to play random patterns of sound continuously to see what results they triggered. Once everything was set up, the project would run itself.
For three weeks, nothing happened. Then one day, a chair in the room shifted positions slightly on its own. It wasn’t much, but it was proof of principle. As Harry began examining objects in the room to see if any had altered states in more subtle ways, something strange began to happen. The random stream of audio began speaking. The program wasn’t meant to replicate speech, but as the learned scientist reasoned, any truly random system will eventually, given enough time, produce patterns that appear meaningful. Nevertheless, it was uncanny how much these random sounds resembled a female voice, and how lucid its words were:
“You seek a power you have not earned, and so a lesson must be learned. The mind and reason did you chase; now flesh and feeling you’ll embrace.”
Harry was eager to write down such a fascinating random event. But by the time he finally found a pen, it was held by a hand he did not recognize: slender, delicate fingers, long nails, painted and shiny. The changes extended to the rest of his body as he rapidly shrank in height and waist circumference, but swelled in his butt and his brand new feminine breasts. Loose skin became tight and smooth. Rivers of hair poured from his formerly bare scalp as his features shifted and realigned into a more graceful and feminine arrangement. Finally with a soft squelching sound, his penis slithered up inside his body to form a vagina. “Fascinating!” the scientist exclaimed in a rich, alto voice.
None of Dr. Harrold Rasmussen’s fellow scientists ever found out why their former colleague so suddenly abandoned his research, never to be heard from again. How could they have guessed that the man once doing groundbreaking research in theoretical physics was now a voluptuous young woman named Haley. Of course, she was still doing plenty of experimenting on her own – and she was getting lots of very exciting results.

Sea Legs

I have learned that people in this land think of Mermen as a joke, which I simply cannot understand. Mermen are the true masters of the sea. They can swim as fast as a swordfish. They have scales like diamonds and spines like daggers, not to mention they’re hung like walruses. And I was once the mightiest of the Mermen in the Atlantic. I once killed a giant squid with my bare fins, and I spawned scores of Merchildren with Mermaids all across the ocean floor.
But I made a mistake when I seduced the King’s favorite daughter. He was a powerful and vengeful ruler, and he commanded an army of beasts and Merpeople who finally ran me down in the Caribbean. The king wanted to kill me on the spot, but his daughter begged him to spare my life. But his wrath could not be abated. He raised the gilded harpoon he used as a scepter, pointed it directly at me. A glowing bolt of energy leapt from its barbed tip directly into my chest.
The pain was overwhelming. It felt like I was being cut in two and flayed alive. My scales were peeling off like a shower of broken glass, and my tail began to split. Bones shattered and muscles tore apart. I watched in horror and agony as my once glorious tail took on the shape of crude, clumsy legs. I flailed my new limbs frantically as my gills began closing up to be replaced by sacks of air. All the while, the King was laughing. This was it. I was going to die. The King hadn’t killed me, but I was going to die anyway while he watched.
But then my body started to rise. At some point, I had lost my swim bladder and my body was beginning to float. My head burst above the surface of the sea and I gasped desperately, breathing in air directly for the first time. Nearby was a sandy beach, and the current was pushing me toward it. I would live after all, but it seemed to me like a fate worse than death. The King had decided on the most shameful punishment imaginable for a proud Merman. He had transformed me into a human.
But what I hadn’t immediately realized is that he didn’t stop at taking my tail. My new limbs were so strange that I didn’t notice the other changes to my body, at least not until I washed to shore, sputtering and cold. I tried to stand for the first time, but I still didn’t know how to use feet and legs, so I immediately fell back into the sand. It was pointless. I was definitely smaller and thinner, and I attributed that to human frailty. There was also something tight and constricting wrapped around my body. I looked down and sighed weakly. They were human garments. Another shameful addition to my punishment. Then I did a double take. Those weren’t just human garments; they were women’s swimwear. Brightly colored and miniscule, the top squeezed around two mounds of flesh on my chest, and the bottom tightly covered my flat smooth crotch. Not only was I human, I was female.
My fins and gills were gone. My strength and power were gone. Everyone I had ever known was now gone from me forever beneath the waves of the sea. I felt small and scared and alone. I just wanted someone, ANYONE to help me. That’s when I saw someone else on the beach. They were a ways off, but they were getting closer. I cried out for help and for the first time heard my new voice. It was high pitched and sounded particularly strange above water, but it carried across the sand to the stranger. They must have understood something of my desperation because they started running.
Very soon, I could make out features of the approaching human. Only its waist and upper legs were covered. There were broad shoulders and a torso built with even more muscle than I had once possessed. The creature’s hair was short and dark above a head with a solid, square jaw. I assumed that it was male, but I was still pretty unfamiliar with humans at that point, so I couldn’t be sure. At least, not until he was close enough for me to get a better look at his swimwear. The shorts were on the tight side, which allowed for me to clearly see the massive organ that was barely contained in that fabric. “Wow!” I thought, “He might be a bit of a walrus himself!”
Then I felt something strange from my new body: wetness. My body was producing its own moisture. Having been born of the sea, this sudden trickle of liquid was the first thing that made me feel at home in this body. And the more I looked at the jogging male, the more wetness I felt. By the time he was standing in front of me, I understood what my new body wanted – no, NEEDED. Apparently the one thing I hadn’t lost from my old life was my insatiable sex drive. The only difference was, I now craved the thick meat of a warm blooded land creature. The man spoke to me, but I didn’t understand his language. I tried to tell him that he should fuck me like a killer whale in heat, but he just tilted his head in confusion. Well if we couldn’t understand each other’s words, there were plenty of other ways to get my meaning across. For instance, if I wrapped my new, plump lips around that massive cock of his, I bet he would understand what I wanted. I still wasn’t able to walk, so I started crawling toward him, but with what I had in mind, I wouldn’t need my legs much anyway. Maybe this punishment wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Too Late

I lay in a hotel bed panting beside the bombshell I had just finished screwing. After I helped her escape from the lair of the sinister Dr. Doomstriker, she had been so overcome with emotion that she practically threw herself at me. Of course, I wasn’t all that surprised. Working as a secret agent, I’m accustomed to sleeping with all sorts of beautiful women in the heat of a mission. Sometimes it’s business, sometimes pleasure, usually both.
This particular woman, however, stood out. She was easily the most beautiful and the most vivacious in bed, but I also felt like we shared a profound connection from the first moment we met, it almost seemed like destiny. I was still marvelling at the pleasure we had just shared, when the woman said something odd. “Thank goodness we got a good fuck in before it was too late.”
“Listen, my dear,” I said, trying to sound reassuring, “the car we escaped in was the only one in the whole compound that didn’t blow up. We’ve got a 200 mile head start, and as soon as we cross the border, my team will be able to extract us. You don’t need to worry about Dr. Doomstriker anymore.”
“So cocky,” she said with a mischievous grin, gently caressing my penis, still flaccid and sticky from our recent exertions. “Though you have a right to be. When I was captured, I just knew you were going to come to my rescue.”
“How could you have known that?” I said, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
“I’m going to miss you, Alpha,” she replied. “And that big meaty dick of yours.”
“Wait a minute,” I said, suddenly on edge. “You just called me Alpha. But the only one who knows that nickname—”
“Disappeared?” she offered, finishing my sentence. “On a mission to explore Doomstriker’s operation, right? I guess I can’t blame you for not recognizing me.”
“Mack?” It couldn’t be. Shawn Macpherson was the toughest son of a bitch I had ever worked with. There was no way this dainty, sex-craved nymph could really be my old partner. But then she twisted around and lifted her hair to show me the scar on the back of her neck. I recognized it immediately. It was a knife wound Mack had incurred saving my life from an assassin in Bangkok. “What the hell?” I screamed. Not only was my best friend a beautiful blonde, but we had just fucked like mad. “How the fuck . . . and why did you . . . ?”
Mack, or Sasha, as she had introduced herself to me, was incredibly casual about the whole thing. “It was Dr. Doomstriker,” she said. “He’s developed a compound that transforms anyone who ingests it – male or female – into a hypersexual woman. If someone meddles in his affairs, stands in his way, or even just irks him, they end up joining his personal harem of sex slaves.”
I looked at my friend in horror. “Does that mean that you . . . with Dr. Doomstriker?”
Sasha’s eyes grew hazy, and a dreamy smile curved her lips upward. “I know he’s evil,” she said, “but that man really knows how to please a woman. From the moment he entered me, I’ve craved the feeling of his big beautiful member sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I’m getting horny again just thinking about it.”
My insides were churning listening to this description. “Mack – er, Sasha, look. We’ll fix this. We’ll break whatever hold he has on you.”
But she shook her head, long blonde hair dancing around her sultry features. “It’s too late,” she said. “Too late for me. And too late for you.”
“What are you talking about?”
For the first time, Sasha seemed uncomfortable. She looked away and refused to make eye contact. “I’m sorry Alpha, but I had to do it. He made me promise. It was the only way he would let me suck his cock.”
“Sasha, what did you do?”
“The wine,” she said. And then I realized that she was staring at the wine glasses we had emptied somewhere in the process of falling into bed together. “I put the compound in your wine. You should start changing any second.”
It all clicked. The tingling on the back of my neck, the chills, the churning in my stomach. It wasn’t nerves; it was the beginning of a transformation. I was going to be a woman. “It doesn’t matter,” I said, wondering if my voice had always been that high. “We’ll find a way to fight it. The team will extract us, the lab will change us back, and everything will go back to normal.”
Sasha giggled.
“Don’t laugh at me,” I shouted. My voice was definitely higher, and my anger sounded like petulant whining. My hands were shaking as they grew smaller and thinner. Hair was trickling down over my ears. There was a burning in my chest as flesh began to push out of my bare chest. “No, no, no, no, no,” I groaned, feeling my lips plump up as I pouted. “NO! I will not be some mindless sex slave.”
But Sasha just smiled and said, “Trust me. You won’t be able to resist.”

One man’s curse is another girl’s pleasure

As soon as the changes started, I stripped off all of my clothes to watch the transformation in front of the mirror. It was just like I had always fantasized. With every nerve in my body tingling, my flesh was moulded like clay. Limbs thinned, and my waist pinched in. My ass rounded into a pert bubble, and breasts rose from my chest. They were beautiful and perfect, and I immediately cupped them with my shrinking hands, revelling in the feeling of my rapidly lengthening nails digging into the soft flesh. Hair rippled from my scalp like rivers as my face shifted and smoothed. I looked on in wonder as my crude manly features became graceful and cute, even sexy, with soft pink lips, a button nose, and dark eyes with heavy lashes. Finally my penis, fully erect from the arousal of feeling up my increasingly feminine figure, began to shrink in clear distinct bursts. Suddenly, the pleasure I had been feeling reached a crescendo. I collapsed onto my bed in a blissful orgasm as what remained of my penis shrivelled into a cute, pink clit, right above my blossoming vagina.
The witch said I was cursed, trapped as a woman until I had sex with a man in my new form. Too bad she didn’t know that being a woman is the one thing I’ve always wanted. I look down at my new body, still panting with the aftershocks of an orgasm, and I know I’ll do whatever it takes to stay in this delicious body as long as I can. Sure I have to avoid sleeping with a man, but how hard could it be? After all, there are plenty of other ways for a girl to keep herself occupied. In fact, I think I’ll try one now . . .

Watch My Back

I’ve been hiding in my room for over an hour now. But can you blame me? I was a stone cold stud – 6’3″ of solid muscle and 10″ of throbbing cock, not to mention a record setting decathlete – a real ladies man. My college track and field team is at a tournament in Florida. The beachfront hotel we’re staying at is full of babes from all over the country, and they’re all running around in the skimpiest, sexiest swimsuits imaginable. I had been hitting on every girl with good figure hoping to score with a girl from every school here. Sure, I hadn’t actually slept with any of them yet, one of them even told me to watch my back, but I know I was getting close to sealing the deal with a few. Then a little while ago, everything got hazy, like I had too much to drink. I just barely had time to get back to my room before everything went dark.
When I woke up, it was in a completely unrecognizable body. The biggest difference? It was female! All my hard earned muscle had evaporated, and I wobbled on the new, sinuous legs as I got off the bed. I could feel strange parts of my body jiggling as I moved, and the world seemed distorted from my new perspective, a foot lower than my old height. Oddest of all was the absence in my crotch of the significant weight that had always swung between my legs. Instead, there was a cool void, an emptiness made to be filled. I nearly vomited at the thought.
Finally, I made it to a mirror and saw the new form I’ve taken. Put simply, I’ve been turned into a knockout, a wet dream, a living embodiment of sex. My body is all curves wrapped in a smooth, creamy complexion. I’ve got tits as round as a grapefruit and an ass built for backing up. My dark hair has grown out in long, silky waves around an angelic face – or is it devilish? These large, dark eyes, full lips are too enticing for anyone to resist. And there at my groin is the irrefutable mark of womanhood: a vagina. I’m better looking than the most beautiful woman I ever could have imagined. And that’s exactly what makes this so incredibly embarrassing!
That’s why I’ve been hiding here. I’m supposed to be a stud! Out there seducing women that look this hot and making them moan with pleasure. I tried to cover up this body and that humiliating pussy as fast as I could, but for some reason, the only clothing in my hotel room was a strappy black swimsuit a pair of heels and some jewelry. Without any other option, I put on the bikini, though its difficulty was insanely disproportionate to its size. Unfortunately, I almost looked sexier with the miniscule fabric emphasizing my new assets. Only then did I realize there was a standard hotel bathrobe in the room that I could use to cover up. Wrapped in white cotton over the sexy swimwear, I’ve been trying to understand what happened, arriving at one simple conclusion: someone did this to me. Probably that bitch who threatened me. I don’t know how, but she did this. She was an ugly waste of time anyway. She’s probably a dyke who couldn’t handle a real man anyway, so she’s trying to get rid of me. I should give her a piece of my mind.
Of course, that would mean leaving the room. Someone might see me looking like this. Although it’s not like anyone would recognize me with how much I’ve changed. They’d be too distracted by my looks to even consider I might be anything but another hot chick enjoying a trip to the beach. Come to think of it, I’m even hotter than a lot of the girls here. I’ve certainly got more curves than all those athletes. Guys would give their right nut to grab an ass like this or to stick their face between these beautiful tits, let alone have the chance to get a suck or fuck from me. Why should I be so nervous about going out? I’m a goddess!
I put on the heels, added some bling, and set out. With each step outside of my room, I can feel my confidence growing. I start to put a little swing in my step, and feel a thrill of pleasure. I like being this sexy. What was I thinking covering up such a beautiful figure? I throw the bathrobe aside and feel the pleasure increase. Not just pleasure – arousal! Suddenly this body starts to feel natural. It feels like home. It’s MY body. My firm succulent breasts and my sweet, bouncing ass. It’s my beautiful pink pussy, and guys will be begging to enter it. I bet every girl here will be jealous of me, even that loser who transformed me. She thought she could embarrass me? Well, that was her mistake. I’ll show her what a REAL woman looks like, how a REAL woman acts. There are so many hot, muscular guys here, and I’ll make sure that every one of them comes begging to fuck me. Then all I have to do is take their hot, iron rods in every opening I’ve got.
* * *
A short while later, there was a huge commotion on the hotel’s section of the beach. A beautiful young woman no one had ever seen before was sunbathing topless and giving out her room number to any well-built stud with balls enough to ask. A few even got spontaneous blowjobs right there on the spot. Not far away, a group of girls was watching these events unfold with extreme satisfaction. After a number of them had been harassed by a cocky meathead, they had conspired to transform him into his own fantasy woman. It eliminated one pest and distracted plenty of others. An added bonus was that their trick also removed a serious athlete from the competition. It was just the advantage needed for the team from Spellcraft State University to win the tournament.

Symptoms 2: Feeling All Better

I used to get teased a lot for being a male nurse. Sure, it’s a traditionally female job, but there are more and more men in the profession. And why not? For one thing, it pays pretty well, and you get four days off a week. Furthermore, every now and then they need some real muscle in the hospital. It’s also nice that most of your co-workers are female, providing plenty of hook-up options. And once and a while you get to take care of some smoking hot chicks dressed in nothing but a paper gown.
One day, as soon as I showed up to work, I could hear someone moaning. This wasn’t moaning in pain, mind you. This was the husky, desperate cry of a woman experiencing pleasure. I got hard immediately and tracked the sound to a room at the end of the hall. The patient wasn’t assigned to me, but as soon as I saw her, I didn’t care. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and she was furiously shoving three fingers deep into her pussy, bucking her hips wildly on the bed. I quickly entered the room and closed the door behind me. Before I could even introduce myself as her nurse, she was stripping off my hospital scrubs. She bent over the bed, sticking out a perfect bubble butt, and I took her from behind thrusting like mad until we both screamed in pleasure. It was the craziest thing I had ever done at work and the greatest sex I had ever had.
But I should have checked the patient’s chart first. It turns out that the bombshell I couldn’t help but screw had been admitted to the hospital as a man the day before. Some as yet unidentified malady had transformed him into the busty little nymphomaniac who had fucked me silly. And as I was soon to find out, the compound that had transformed her was still active in her fluids when we had sex. Halfway through my shift, I started to feel feverish. Mid-afternoon, I passed out at the nurse’s station. When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed myself, dressed in one of those silly paper gowns. Every part of my body hurt. My muscles felt like mush, my bones felt like fire. My skin felt like it was stretched too far. I started screaming in a hoarse, unrecognizable tone. But in the midst of all the pain, there was one agony that loomed at the front of my mind. I was horny.
I reached down to my crotch so that I could rub my cock and maybe achieve some pleasure to alleviate my misery. Instead, my fingers slipped right into a hot, wet slit. A wave of pleasure rose up inside me, and as I began pumping my fingers in and out, it simply grew larger. There was a tingling in my chest as the skin stretched around swelling breasts. When I experimentally stroked a stiff nipple the pleasure crashed over me, wiping away all pain as I cried out in a sexy alto, “Oh fuck YES!” No wonder that patient had been so obsessed with sex in her female body. My first orgasm as a woman was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced, and I had to have more.
Of course, when the details of what I had done came out, I was discharged from my job. Consequently, I no longer had insurance and was promptly discharged from the hospital as well. Having been fired for scandalous behavior and with no proper ID and an intense craving for sex, there seemed to be only one logical option for me to pursue. I still get paid for making people feel all better, but my friends no longer make fun of me for my job. These days, they get downright excited when I dress – or should I say UNDRESS – as a nurse.

True Happiness

What is true happiness? I picked on odd time to start getting philosophical. There’s a man on the just outside of this bathroom waiting to fuck my brains out, and I’m so wet that I’m already leaking through my panties. But after all that I’ve gone through I can’t help but feel a little trepidation.
They say the grass is always greener on the other side, that the secret to happiness is just learning to be content with what you have. And I tried – I really did. For years and years, I tried to accept the fact that I was born a man and be content. For all I learned about ways to present transgendered, to use hormone replacement therapy, even to surgically modify a body. I heard stories about people who completely changed their lives. But I was convinced that none of it could truly make me happy if I wasn’t happy with myself as I was.
So what am I doing here, face perfectly made up, curves encased in sexy lingerie, and libido coursing, getting ready for this stranger to make a woman out of me? It was a moment of weakness. I didn’t think the wishing ring I found in that old pawn shop would really work, but that sliver of discontent in my heart made me impulsive. After years of working to accept my masculinity, I tried to seize the easy way out. One wish, the shopkeeper had warned me, that’s all you get. I knew exactly what I wanted.
There was silence, stillness. My heart was beating almost as hard as it is now. You can’t imagine my thrill when an electrical jolt charged through my blood stream. Trembling and panting, I rushed to the full length mirror in my bedroom. There, I watched as the hard male traits I had struggled so long to accept dissolved into soft, feminine curves. My whole body shrank slightly, my waist pinched in as hips and ass flared out. With each gasping breath, the flesh on my chest budded, swelled, and ballooned into generous breasts. The hair I had always kept buzzed grew in long blonde rivers. And my penis, the organ I had always believed I would have to embrace to be happy, disappeared inside my body as a brand new vagina formed. My vagina. I was a woman.
In the delirium of that moment, I got carried away. Miraculously, all my clothes had been transformed as well. I hurriedly got dressed in the sexiest outfit I could find and hit the town. A few hours later, and here I am, about to make my wish complete with an action I had always believed would fulfill me, but had never pursued until now. Can you blame me for hesitating? Maybe the thing I thought I always wanted won’t be so great after all. Maybe this was all a mistake. Maybe I’ve given up my entire life to only be more miserable than ever. Or maybe . . . maybe, I’ll be happier than I’ve ever thought possible. I think it’s time to find out.