Trying the spell 3

Johnny watched from the bench he’d chosen as James finally arrived. He cycled towards Johnny waving, then he pulled up his top and let his two mammoth breasts drop out of it into the freedom of the cool air. He laughed mischievously as he pulled to a stop next to Johnny.
“Put those away” Johnny told him to which James did as he sat down on the bench next to him.
“So where’ve you been for the past two days?” Johnny asked his friend even though he knew the answer.
“I’ve been in here” James said then cupping his huge tits “Oh I tell you what girls orgasms are the best!” He continued excited.
“Is that all you’ve been doing?” Johnny questioned, he knew the answer to this question too.
“Yep been masturbating for almost 48 hours straight. That’s why I messaged you, I need to get out of here I’m sore all over and unbelievably tired” James said.
“Thank god I thought you were going to stay in her forever your moms been getting worried. She was asking me where you were so I just said you were at your friend Darren’s. But that only worked for the first day. She seemed fucking angry yesterday.” Johnny said.
“Oh shit I was too enthralled in these” James said grabbing Amber’s tits “That I forgot about my own mom. Shit”
“Yeah so come on and get out you need to go see your mom” Johnny said showing him the reverse spell. “quick read it”
James began reading the spell when he finished he suddenly appeared next to Johnny as did Amber’s consciousness. She looked around highly confused for a couple of moments.
“Um excuse me” She began speaking to Johnny “Where are we?” She asked.
“We’re at Woodside park” Johnny answered to which the woman looked slightly bewildered.
“Um okay. Thank you” She said as she stood up and set off walking. The two boys could see her grabbing at her sore crotch as she walked uncomfortably away.
“Right quick we need to go” Johnny said grabbing the bike James had come on. James then climbed on and the two set off towards James’ house.


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