Drinking buddies

“Watch it. To the right!”
“I see him”
“Fuck! He got me!”
“Just me and him then”.

Ned guided himself through the maze that made up the map in the MMO-shooter that he and Gary played together in. The round had evolved into a cat vs mouse situation. Both respective teams cheered on their last player standing.
The outskirts of the screen turned red. The other player had snuck on Ned and knifed him down. The chat went silent for a second before it began to chastise him for losing.
“Crap”, Ned said.
“Yup”, Gary answered apprehensive.
“I`m thirsty. Want something to drink?”, Ned asked Gary as Ned got up from the sofa and headed into the kitchen.
“Sure, my throat is dry as hell”.

When Ned came back he had two bottles of, for Gary, unknown manufacture. “Here”, Ned said an gave Gary one of the bottles.
“Thanks”. He took a sniff of the opened bottle. It didn´t smell like beer. “What is it?”
“An old guy sold it to me at the mall. Said it was a all new brand”.
Gary shrugged with his shoulders. He was thirsty so what the heck. He put the bottle to his lips and took a sip. It tasted good. Delicious. Wonderful. He took a mouthful and swallowed. And another one. And another one.
Gary let out a large belch and slammed the empty bottle on the table. “Whoa. Didn´t think I was that thirsty”, suprising himself that he drank all of it in just below ten seconds.
Ned just sat in front of him and gave him an expectant look.
“What? I was thirsty”, misjudging his friends interest for something else.
“I don´t feel so well…”, Ned said as his stomach seemingly was in open revolt. It was like a tumble drier had begun rotating in his gut.
Luckily he was sitting down when the changes started.
Gary saw his friends body alter itself just in front of him. Bone, muscles, tendons and flesh danced under his skin and rearranged themselves. Ned was shrinking in height, becoming several inches shorter, whilst his butt expanded and a pair of female breasts exploded outwards. His formerly hairy and rough skin became smooth and softer. All over his body his features was being rounded off with fat finding new places to vacate. His back snapped a little and gave it a new curvature.
To Gary all of this felt like million upon millions of ants was swarming through his body. He wasn´t aware of the changes just yet.
The face changed completely, he didn´t even have the slighlest likeness to his older sister. But still, his face was angelic.
His dick began to shrivel and travel up inside of him. The ballsack joined in on the ride upwards.
Two folds of what would become the vagina formed and enveloped his cock and balls, like they were greeting them into womandhood. The changes continued inside of him but the groin looked like a female genitalia from the outside.

“Who was that?”, Gary thought. Had Ned brought in a nurse? He felt like shit. Did he faint? Gary opened slowly his eyes.
He was still sitting in the sofa but the whole world seemed off. The sofa seemed bigger, but with more padding. He felt bloated and big. His eyes adjusted to the light, the room was bigger too. He decided to sit up.
What the…!?
Hearing a feminine voice from his lips made him clasp his mouth. Did that really come from him?
“Hello?”, Ned said tentatively, suspecting his worst fears. The same melodious voice reached his ears.
He looked down and saw two generous bumps underneath his now oversized flannel shirt. The pants felt too small though.
“NED!”, he screamed.
Ned rushed into the room, stopping in the doorway. He looked at Gary in amazement. “Wow”.
“Wow? Do you know anything about this?”. Gary´s temper shifted from panic to anger.
“Um, well. The guy that sold me the stuff said that this would happen, but I didn´t really believe him. But I was too curious not to try it out.”
“For fuck sake you idiot!”, Gary screamed like a banshee. “What if it had been a poison? I could have died!”
“But you became a girl…”, Ned tried to defuse the situation.
“As if that was a consolation”, Gary said and snorted, still angry. He took a couple of deep breaths to collect himself. He straigthened his back, at the same time he jutted out his breasts involontarily, and stated: “It´s your fault, then it is your mess. Fix me back to normal, or else…”, he threatened.
“Alrightalright”, Ned said and hurried into the kitchen again.
Gary was silently fuming inside of his friends stupidity. Transforming him to look like a girl? How could he?
Gary heard the fridge closing and Ned´s steps getting closer. He entered the room with a bottle in the same likeness as the one he first drank.
“The guy in the shop said this one would set things straight”.
Without a word Gary ripped the bottle from Ned´s hands and began to chug it down.
He handed the empty bottle back to Ned.
“It better be working”, he said and gave Ned an angry glare. Ned winced back.
He felt how his head was the first place to be affected, it was like opening up a carbonated water and having the carbonic acid pop inside your skull. It kinda fizzled. “Good. It´s starting”, he thought.
His anger at Ned was rapidly diminishing. He closed his eyes.
Wonder if trying out to be a girl had been a good idea?
I mean, they got all kinds of perks.
Being beautiful for starters. The fast glance in the mirror he had showed a really pretty lady.
It would have been interesting to see the viewpoint from the other side of the gender fence.
And I could have worn a bikini. I´m pretty sure I´ve got the body for it.
Dresses! I could have worn dresses! They are great when you want to flaunt your body.
I might even know one or two perfumes that would have fit me just right.
Make up seems like such a hassle but it makes me look soooo good, it´s hard to live without it.
What about going on a dinner and have the door opened up for you by your man? I love feeling pampered and protected by him. He´s so much bigger than me.
It feels like it was a long time ago we went out. Wonder if he want´s a dinner date tonight?
Her eyes fluttered open and saw Ned standing in front of her.
“Hi there, handsome!”, she beamed with a bright smile towards her boyfriend.
“Um, hi?”, Ned answered warily.
Gabrielle thought he acted strange but ignored it. “Wanna go to the italian place tonight? You´re buying”, she said and winked. She knew that she usually just had to look just a little cuter to get what she wanted. Feminine viles. Men had no chance.
“Sure!”. Ned was visibly relieved.
“You seem stressed out, honey. Come! Lie down her beside me and tell me everything”.
Ned lied down beside his transformed-friend-into-girlfriend. It had worked like a charm. The potions had to be ingested willingly to work. Now he had just the girlfriend always had wanted, a free-spirited woman with the same kind of mindset and hobbies like himself.
They nuzzled up together on the cramped sofa, getting close to each other. Ned told her a cover story he had been working on for some time. As the story progressed she felt sorry for Ned and gave him a kiss.
With a man and a woman so close together in a such small space one thing lead to another and soon their bed rocked back and forth as Gabrielle was nearing her true first orgasm as a woman.


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