A few days ago, the strangest thing happened.
I was staying at my girlfriend’s, Emily, and an event that we now call The Great Shift occurred during the night.
I went to sleep, and woke up in one of Emily’s flatmate’s bed, Sandra. Half asleep, I didn’t quite understand my situation until I noticed long hair falling on my face and screams in the room next door.
Emily, now in my body, wasn’t pleased with waking up with a boner, next to her old body, now inhabited by Sandra.

After this awkward situation we all found ourselves into, we decided to watch the news, and look for pieces of information over the internet.
As the day went, I couldn’t help but feel strange in this new body. I was still in my… well, Sandra’s pyjamas, so I could feel my boobs against the soft pink top I was wearing. Everything about my new body seemed soft, small, and cute… I was starting to like this situation and couldn’t help but notice that the two others were eyeing each other more and more.
Could it be that they started getting used to their new bodies as well?

The night came, and we all agreed to spend the night in the same configuration as yesterday, who knows, maybe it will make us swap back?
I was strangely fine with not sleeping with my girlfriend that night, and I swear I saw Emily and Sandra holding hands when they entered their bedroom…
Exhausted by the day, I thought I’d fall asleep quickly but strange visions came into my head. I saw a guy, at first I thought it was me but he looked a lot… cuter, even handsome…
Oh, guess he is my boyfriend. Erm. I mean… Sandra’s boyfriend. I started remembering things about him, about us…
A loud noise in the flat made me realize that I was actually starting to play with myself while thinking about Sandra’s boyfriend! This was so fucked up. I started panicking, but my thoughts went to that noise I heard.
As I listened, I could hear moans coming from Emily’s bedroom.

The next morning, the two lovers weren’t hiding themselves. They told me that I had to get used to it, that the Great Shift wasn’t going to undo itself.
I was mad. I couldn’t help but see my girlfriend fuck her own body, while Sandra was begging for more. Why? Why was I having such weird thoughts? They are a couple after all…
That makes me think… Maybe I should start seeing *my* boyfriend now.


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